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Tips for Dealing with Sleep Regression in Babies and Toddlers
Just when you thought you had your little one’s sleep routine down, your baby or toddler throws a wrench (or bottle!) in it. Suddenly, they are fighting...
Oct 14
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A Parent’s Guide on How to Deal with Bullies
From the playground to politics, it seems bullying exists everywhere these days. As adults, we’ve become somewhat numb to the deluge of disparaging comments we...
Oct 11
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These 5 Steps Can Help Parents Prevent Reye’s Syndrome in Children
If you’re a parent, your pediatrician may have warned you not to give your child aspirin. But why? There’s a link between aspirin and Reye’s syndrome,...
Oct 04
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Tween/Teen Body Aches: Are They Growing Pains or Something Else?
It’s been said that growing up is hard to do but for some children, it can be a real pain—literally. Children, typically between the ages of 3 and 12,...
Sep 30
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Is It Time to See an Expert for Your Child’s Tummy Trouble?
When your child suffers from stomach pain or digestive problems, it can be tough to figure out precisely what’s causing the trouble. “For some common issues,...
Sep 22
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8 Tips to Help Get Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night
“Sleep … what’s that?” Ask many parents of babies. When you decided to have children, you knew there’d be some sleepless nights. But now that baby is here,...
Sep 17
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Keeping Kids Healthy Going Back to School
Your child is all packed and ready to go! Pencils? ✅ Notebooks? ✅ Backpack? ✅ Water bottle? ✅ Health? Check?? As a parent, you want to do everything in...
Sep 01
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RSV Cases Are on the Rise in Children, Here’s What to Know
In recent weeks, many children have headed back to in-person learning, sports and afterschool activities. While this has given many families a bit of normalcy...
Aug 26
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Hypertension in Children and Teens & How to Prevent Future Risks
A blood pressure test is a standard part of any well-check, whether you’re 3 years old or 100. While we usually think of high blood pressure – also known...
Aug 12
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Talking to Your Children About Vaccines
As a parent, you’ve been your child’s first teacher. You’ve taught them how to talk and you’ve maybe even had “the talk” with them. Another part of being...
Aug 10