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How Often Should My Child Really Bathe or Shower?
Bath time is so much fun when you’re little. The bubbles, the toys—splashing water everywhere. But for the parents watching and bathing them, a question...
May 24
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Dermatologist-Recommended Skin Care Tips for Teens and Young Adults
We all want to put our best face forward, but the teenage years, or adolescence, can leave some wanting to hide from the world. Your teenager may not be...
May 16
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Your Daughter’s First Visit to the Gynecologist – What to Expect
It seems your daughter is growing up right before your eyes. The milestones keep rolling in. You’ve tackled the birds and bees discussion, their first...
May 02 11
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Should You Be Worried About Your Infant’s Undescended Testicle?
Bringing home a newborn can feel like running before you learn to walk. Sure, they aren’t running yet, but even before they’ve taken their first steps,...
Apr 28
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How to Bounce Back Even Better from Your Breakup
We’ve all heard Shakespeare’s famous relationship advice. But is it really better to have “loved and lost” like Bill said all those centuries ago? The...
Apr 27
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Birth to 5 Years: Updates to Your Child’s Developmental Milestones
From the moment your baby first enters the world, they are ready to learn. In fact, one of the most crucial time periods in a child’s development and learning...
Apr 15
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7 Breastfeeding Problems and How to Fix Them
If childbirth wasn’t miraculous enough. Soon after bringing your little one into the world, something else miraculous happens: You lactate, or your breasts...
Mar 21
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Breathe Easy. Your Child Can Safely Play Sports with Asthma
If your child has asthma, you might worry that playing sports could cause symptoms to flare. But exercise is an essential part of health for everyone,...
Mar 14
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Drink Up! Hydration Tips to Ensure Your Child Drinks Enough Water
A key part of a healthy mind and body as we age is ensuring we’re staying hydrated. Drinking water keeps our body moving, aids in digestion and moving...
Feb 24
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When Can My Baby Start Eating Solid Foods? Tips from an Expert
Is your baby staring or reaching for your food with intense interest these days? Your little one has been living on breast milk and/or formula for the...
Feb 10