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Positive Body Image: Supporting Your Teen Through Weight-Loss Surgery
Childhood obesity is one of the most important public health issues in the United States. Children and adolescents affected by obesity face increased risks...
June 16
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Protecting Your Kids from Sun Exposure on the Field
When you’re headed to the beach or pool, you’re probably in the habit of making sure your kids are protected from the sun. But you might not have the same...
June 12
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Playing It Safe: The Importance of Sports Physicals for Children
Getting ready for a new sports season can be exciting for kids and parents alike. But before your child hits the field or court, it’s important to make...
June 07
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Are You Plagued by Mommy Guilt? These Tips Can Help You Get Over It
As a parent, take a minute (if you can find one) and imagine the way you would feel in these situations: A late meeting at work means you’re the last...
May 26
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Staying Safe in the Summertime: 7 Tips for Common Problems
The summer sunshine can draw you to spending time outside. You might be headed to the beach for vacation, playing pickleball or other outdoor sports or...
May 23
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Subcutaneous Injections for Children: What Parents Should Know
If your child is diagnosed with a condition that needs subcutaneous injections to treat it, you may worry about how to give these injections and how your...
May 21
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Creating a Sun-Safe Family Culture: 4 Strategies for Parents
When you think back to your childhood, there probably wasn’t as much emphasis on protecting your skin from the sun as there is today.  Your parents might...
May 20
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Sharing More than a Meal Together: Making the Most of Family Dinners
Family dinners on TV shows or in movies might not have much in common with how things go at your home. Those fictional meals tend to show happy families...
May 13
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What to Do If Your Child Takes a Serious Tumble or Fall
If you’ve been around children long enough, you know one thing for sure: they fall …a lot! From learning to walk to enjoying sports, children of all ages...
May 10
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Could My Child Benefit From an Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program
Navigating the journey of adolescence can be challenging for both teens and parents alike. From the stress of school to the pressures of friendships and...
May 06