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Naloxone, an Opioid Overdose Drug That Saves Lives
Opioids are a type of narcotic medication that are designed to help people with chronic pain. For many sufferers, prescription medications are the only...
Feb 16
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What is Tianeptine (AKA Gas Station Heroin)?
Most gas stations today are like well-stocked mini marts. Some stations, like Wawa and Buc-ee’s, even offer high-quality food and clothing. The gas station...
Feb 02
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What Medications Can Cause False Positives on Drug Tests?
You’ve made it through the final round of interviews. Now all you have left to do is complete a drug test.  Pre-employment drug screenings are the most...
Jan 07
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The Risks of Buying and Using Illegal Drugs
Drugs are chemicals that change the way your body works. Medical professionals prescribe drugs every day to cure infections, relieve pain and help patients...
Dec 08
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Beta Blockers: Prescription Medicine for Your Heart
When it comes to matters of your heart, chances are you’ve heard about beta blockers. A beta blocker is one of the most prescribed medications for those...
Nov 23
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How Hazardous is Your Handbag?
Is your purse a bottomless treasure trove of supplies? You name it, it’s probably in your purse right now. That’s why you never go anywhere without it....
Oct 16
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Can I Take Antidepressants for Depression During Pregnancy?
In addition to cognitive behavioral therapy, also known as psychotherapy, taking an antidepressant can help improve your life and day-to-day functioning...
Sep 29
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Metformin: Important Things Every Diabetic Should Know
This year marks 65 years since the first clinical use of metformin to treat diabetes — one of the OG (original) diabetes drugs.  Today, it’s a first-line...
Sep 23
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7 Steps to Help Seniors Who Struggle to Manage Their Medications
It starts out simply enough—your parent or grandparent might take a statin to help manage their cholesterol levels, or a calcium channel blocker to lower...
Aug 15
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Medications That Could Trigger Dangerous Serotonin Syndrome
You’ve probably heard of serotonin. It’s a chemical produced by nerves in your body that helps keep your mood balanced. Since it affects your mood, doctors...
Jun 16