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How to Beat Morning Body Stiffness and Start Your Day Right
Do you ever wake up feeling like you’ve been folded into a human pretzel? Your alarm buzzes but your body protests. It’s like your muscles and joints decided...
April 05
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Maintaining Stability: A Guide to Balancing Exercises for Seniors
Balancing can seem effortless when you’re young. You might hop on one foot to pull on a pair of pants, walk downstairs without giving the handrail a second...
February 22
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Ten Ways to Treat and Relieve Pain of Bursitis
Have you ever experienced a nagging pain in your shoulders, hips, elbows or knees that won’t seem to quit? Chances are, you might be dealing with bursitis. Bursitis...
January 10
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Getting Teen Athletes Back to Sports After Osteochondritis Dissecans
As a parent, you want your teen athlete to stay safe and free of injuries. If your child plays sports, there’s a condition to watch for called osteochondritis...
December 18
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Slipping Rib Syndrome: Understanding This Rare Condition
Slipping rib syndrome is a rare and unusual condition—in fact, it’s often mistaken for other health problems. People with slipping rib syndrome have pain...
August 27
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Try These 4 Stretches to Help Relieve Your Sciatic Pain
Sciatic pain can be so overwhelming that you don’t even want to think about moving. But stretches and gentle movement can help get your pain under control....
July 20
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Why Physical Therapy Is Important for Long-Term Health
When your body isn’t moving as it should, you are recovering from an injury or shooting pains interrupt your daily life, your health care provider may...
May 26
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Can Ankle Exostectomy Help Treat Ankle Arthritis?
Your feet and ankles provide support and balance every time you take a step. But for some people, it’s hard to put their best feet – and ankles – forward...
April 24
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Torticollis: What to Do if Your Newborn’s Head Tilts to One Side
If you’re the parent of a newborn, you may find yourself watching for any signs of problems in your baby. If you notice that your baby’s head is tilted...
February 13
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Dry Needling or Acupuncture: Which Treatment Is Right for You?
Does the word “needle” make you want to run for the hills? You aren’t alone. Whether it be a blood draw or shots and immunizations, most experiences that...
February 10