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PUPP: 3 Things to Know About This Pregnancy-Related Rash
Your body undergoes a lot of changes during pregnancy. Your hips spread, your breasts enlarge and your belly swells with your developing baby (or babies)....
May 05
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15 Foods to Eat, Avoid or Have in Moderation During Pregnancy
Pregnancy can bring about a weird relationship with food. You may start craving certain foods you never liked before and gagging with foods you once loved. In...
Apr 25
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7 Facts to Know About Freezing Your Eggs (Egg Preservation)
When you were younger, you may have had a vision of what your life would be like when you were older. You’d finish your schooling, land your dream job,...
Apr 22
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7 Breastfeeding Problems and How to Fix Them
If childbirth wasn’t miraculous enough. Soon after bringing your little one into the world, something else miraculous happens: You lactate, or your breasts...
Mar 21
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Considering the Pill? Here’s What to Discuss With Your Doctor
In the United States, birth control pills have been around since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved them in 1960. They can be a reliable way...
Mar 09
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What is Anovulation, and Can I Still Get Pregnant?
While some women’s periods are like clockwork, for other women, however, they can be completely unpredictable. A woman normally ovulates every 21 to 35...
Mar 01
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Placenta Disorders: These 3 Can Change Your Pregnancy
“The placenta is an unrecognized hero of pregnancy,” said Heather Reed, MD, an OBGYN at Banner - University Medicine North in Tucson, AZ. So, when the...
Feb 09
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What is Thrombocytopenia (Low Platelet Count)?
Bruises are a normal part of life and can become more common as we age. Although most bruises aren’t much to worry about, some bruising could be a sign...
Feb 07
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How Much Weight Should I Gain During My Pregnancy?
Weight is a touchy subject for many people, and it can be even more sensitive and complicated if you’re bringing life into this world. Pregnancy is a time...
Jan 20
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Peripartum Cardiomyopathy: A Rare Heart Condition in Pregnant Women
When you become pregnant, your body undergoes lots of changes. While some of these changes are visible, like your growing belly and breasts and swollen...
Dec 27