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Bronchiolitis in Children: What to Know and How to Prevent It
When it comes to parenting, facing childhood illnesses is a rite of passage. One of the most common concerns new parents may face but might not hear of...
January 07
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Tips for Preventing and Treating Asthma Attacks When You’re Traveling
Whether it’s a weekend city break with your partner, a lakeside family reunion or a dream trip to Paris, you might be looking forward to your next vacation....
December 10
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Want to Quit Smoking? 5 Steps to Kick the Habit for Good
If you’ve ever tried to stop smoking, you know it’s not a walk in the park. It’s more like a maze, where every turn seems to lead you back to tobacco.  Quitting...
November 16
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10 Myths and Facts About Pneumonia
Have you ever heard the old wives’ tale that going outside with wet hair can give you pneumonia? It’s a myth that many of us have grown up hearing, but...
November 09
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Managing Asthma as You Age: A Guide for Seniors
A lot of times, people think of asthma as a childhood disease. It’s true that the breathing condition, which may cause wheezing, coughing or a tight feeling...
November 08
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Is a Paralyzed Diaphragm Causing My Shortness of Breath?
If you are experiencing difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, there could be many causes. One cause could be related to a weak or paralyzed diaphragm....
May 12
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Here’s Why You Might Have a Bad Tasting Cough
Whether you think you might be coming down with a cold or the flu or have a chronic lung problem, you might find yourself coughing from time to time. Usually,...
April 11
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Everything to Know About Blood Clots in Your Veins, Heart and Lungs
When you nick or cut yourself, your body jumps into action to stop the bleeding. Your blood cells clump together to prevent blood from leaking where it...
April 10
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Is My Shoulder Pain a Sign of Lung Cancer?
Did you wake up with shoulder blade pain again? It could be related to the upper body workout you did the other day. Or maybe you should chalk it up to...
March 26
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4 Things You Can Do if You Have an Asthma Attack Without Your Inhaler
Let’s get one thing straight upfront — if you have asthma, you should always have your inhaler within reach. The asthma medication in the inhaler works...
March 22