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Winded Taking the Stairs? It Could be a Sign of IPF
Are you experiencing shortness of breath? Are you winded simply taking the stairs at home? Although feeling out of breath is normal during a high-intensity...
Dec 14
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Do You Have Undiagnosed Asthma?
When you think of asthma, what comes to mind? A child using an inhaler? What you may not know is that asthma—a disease that makes it difficult to breathe—can...
Nov 25
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Are You At Risk Of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Or Blood Clots?
Serena Williams may be at the top of her game, but in 2017, she was taken down by a fierce enemy when she was treated for a pulmonary embolism (PE) shortly...
Nov 14
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4 Tips To Help You Breathe Easier During Wildfires
Nature is an amazing thing and something you probably shouldn’t ignore. One remarkable example are the huge dust storms—haboobs—that happen during the...
Jul 25
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All About Snoring – What Can You Do?
Snoring. We either do it ourselves or know someone who does. And let’s be honest – it’s not the most flattering thing. Whether it’s you, or maybe a partner,...
Jul 24
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11 Ways Asthma Can Go From 0 To 60
After a long winter, many people look forward to the warmer spring and summer weather. However, some people—especially parents—worry about the increase...
May 06
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No Butts About It: Quit Smoking Now
It has long been rumored that Mark Twain once said, “Giving up smoking is easy. I’ve done it thousands of times.” Whether Twain said this or not does not...
May 31
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Vaping Vs. Smoking: A Lesser Of Two Evils?
Is there more merit to picking the lesser of two evils? Or, is it better to stick with the devil you know rather than the one you don’t? When you think...
Nov 29 4
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How To Combat Asthma During Monsoon Season
While colds, allergens, smoke and animal dander are a few more common elements that can trigger an asthma attack, so can changes in weather conditions—especially...
Aug 07
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Lung Transplant Grants New Lease On Life
When did you confront your mortality? Most of us probably don’t come to the realization that life is finite until well into our adult years. For children...
Apr 03 3