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IPF: A Deadly Lung Disease You’ve Probably Never Heard Of
There are many reasons for feeling short of breath, whether it involves sprinting to catch a bus or train or carrying a box up several flights of stairs.  Many...
Jan 09
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Here’s Why Your Snoring Could Be Dangerous and What You Can Do
Maybe you don’t realize you snore — you just notice that you’re not rested when you wake up. Or maybe your bed partner complains about not being able to...
Oct 20
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How the Weather and the Climate Can Affect Your Lungs
Breathing is one of those things it’s easy to take for granted. If you don’t have lung conditions or breathing problems, it’s simple enough to inhale,...
Aug 19
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Valley Fever Is on the Rise. Here’s How You Can Protect Yourself
If you travel to or live in the southwestern United States, you could be at risk for Valley fever because of a fungus called Coccidioides that lives in...
Aug 09 25
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How a Nebulizer Can Help You or Your Child Breathe Easily
If you have an airway disease such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema or a lung infection, using a nebulizer can make it...
Apr 22
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The Best Ways to Protect Yourself Against Aspiration Pneumonia
There’s probably been a time when you swallowed some food or drink and it felt like it went down the wrong pipe. That’s when a bit of food or liquid may...
Apr 11
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What Is Thirdhand Smoke and Why Your Child May Be at Risk
It’s usually easy to tell whether someone has recently smoked in a room or not. That stale odor always seems to “stick” around. Even when a smoker moves...
Mar 17
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Breathe Easy. Your Child Can Safely Play Sports with Asthma
If your child has asthma, you might worry that playing sports could cause symptoms to flare. But exercise is an essential part of health for everyone,...
Mar 14
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You’ve Quit Smoking, Now What? 5 Tips to Protect Your Health
Congratulations on kicking your smoking habit! You’ve taken a huge step in improving your health and even adding years back to your life. Within minutes,...
Feb 20
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Vaping Vs. Smoking: Why One Isn’t Better Than the Other
If you’re trying to kick your smoking habit, you may have considered taking up vaping, or e-cigarettes, to ease your transition from tobacco cigarettes. More...
Jan 31 4