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Lung Cancer in Nonsmokers: Yes, It’s Possible
If you’ve never taken a puff of a cigarette, you might assume you’re safe from getting lung cancer. It’s true avoiding these cancer-causing products and...
Nov 08
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How to Avoid the Deadly Disease that Could Be Lurking in Your Water
In 1976, a mysterious strain of pneumonia swept through a group of people who attended an American Legion convention in Philadelphia. Almost 200 people...
Nov 02
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How Is Flu Season Different During the COVID-19 Pandemic?
COVID-19 has put into question every aspect of our daily routine and put “stay healthy” at the top of everyone’s to-do list. Our lives are different, in...
Sep 08
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Myths & Facts About Bronchitis
A seasonal cold is no big deal. Once or twice a year, your week is thrown into slow motion, and you pack your system full of vitamin C in hopes of a quick...
Aug 31
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How to Minimize Unanticipated Lung Problems Caused by Campfires
Fire is part of the romance of summer. Don’t you just love an evening sitting on a blanket at the beach next to a roaring bonfire? Gathering with friends...
Jul 29
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Could Your Chest Pain Be Pleurisy?
So much is happening inside of our bodies all the time. Involuntary muscles are flexing, neurons are firing, your heart is pumping… there’s constant motion...
Jul 14
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How Your Asthma Action Plan Can Help You Breathe Better
If you have asthma, an asthma action plan is an important tool that can help you breathe easily and tackle your daily activities while keeping your symptoms...
Jun 27
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Cystic Fibrosis in Children: 5 Things Parents Should Know About Treatment
As a parent, you want to give your child the very best start in life. But when they are diagnosed with a life-threatening disorder like cystic fibrosis...
Apr 02
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5 Common Myths About COPD (Hint: There’s Help)
Think of your lungs as balloons. When you’re healthy, those balloons expand and contract as you breathe in and out. But for those with diseased lungs,...
Feb 19
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Should I Get an Air Purifier? The Pros and Cons
Like food and water, we need air to survive. While we are well aware of air pollutants outdoors, could the air in your home be bad for your health too?...
Feb 12