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ECMO Team Treats COVID-19 Patients
A team of 80+ nurses and physicians at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix are using ECMO, an organ bypass machine, to oxygenate blood in patients...
Jun 23
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What Long-Term Effects Could COVID-19 Have on Your Lungs?
It has been non-stop discovery for medical professionals battling COVID-19. That can be hard to see when we’re living in the here-and-now. But it’s true....
Jun 22
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What is Herd Immunity?
The world is a big place. Which makes widespread illnesses like influenza, measles and today’s coronavirus so hard to comprehend. It’s rare to see the...
Jun 15
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Breathe Easier: Treatment Options for Asthmatics
While more than 25 million Americans have asthma, each person’s asthma is different and can vary over a lifetime. This means each treatment plan should...
Jun 11
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What You Need to Know About Cleaning Your CPAP
If you’re one of the unlucky people with a sleep disorder, like sleep apnea, you’re likely familiar with a PAP machine, which stands for positive airway...
May 29
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Winded Taking the Stairs? It Could be a Sign of IPF
Are you experiencing shortness of breath? Are you winded simply taking the stairs at home? Although feeling out of breath is normal during a high-intensity...
Dec 14
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Do You Have Undiagnosed Asthma?
When you think of asthma, what comes to mind? A child using an inhaler? What you may not know is that asthma—a disease that makes it difficult to breathe—can...
Nov 25
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Are You At Risk Of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Or Blood Clots?
Serena Williams may be at the top of her game, but in 2017, she was taken down by a fierce enemy when she was treated for a pulmonary embolism (PE) shortly...
Nov 14
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4 Tips To Help You Breathe Easier During Haboobs and Wildfires
Nature is an amazing thing and something you probably shouldn’t ignore. One remarkable example are the huge dust storms—haboobs—that happen during the...
Jul 25
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All About Snoring – What Can You Do?
Snoring. We either do it ourselves or know someone who does. And let’s be honest – it’s not the most flattering thing. Whether it’s you, or maybe a partner,...
Jul 24