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Four Ways to Support Your Ankles During Exercise
A misstep or quick pivot during a basketball game and pop! goes your ankle. Sometimes you’re able to walk off the pain of an ankle sprain or injury, other...
Aug 17
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Sidelined with an Injury? Platelet-Rich Plasma May Be the Answer
With some injuries, nothing seems to help. You rest. You try rehab and physical therapy. You take medication. Still, you’re dealing with the pain, and...
Feb 28
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Thanks, Mom, for the Bunions
Did you inherit your mom’s smile or your dad’s long legs? While there are some pleasant genetic traits and characteristics you may inherit from your parents,...
May 25
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How Can I Avoid Compensation Injuries?
Have you ever heard the term, “compensation injury” and wondered what it meant? If you thought it meant an injury you get paid or compensated for, sorry,...
Feb 29
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4 Reasons You Should See A Physical Therapist
Physical therapy has long been used as a treatment for injuries, perhaps resulting from a car accident or athletic injury. Physical therapy helps patients...
Oct 24
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The Benefits Of Physical Therapy
I consider myself a savvy health care consumer. I also like options and information when I’m facing a health issue. In college, I tore the anterior cruciate...
Jun 28 1
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5 Tips To Beat Back Pain
Anyone who has suffered a back injury quickly realizes how much we rely on a strong healthy back to do pretty much anything. That was the place I found...
Jan 27 1
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Snow Fun And Back Pain
Many people dream of a white Christmas, but they probably don't think about the aftermath. Shoveling snow is a chore and one that can do some serious damage...
Jan 09