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Memory Loss: Is It Normal Aging Or Dementia?
We’ve all done it.  We can’t find our keys, wallet or phone.  We know someone’s name but just can’t recall it. We walk into a room and forget why we’re...
Feb 03
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How To Have Difficult Conversations With Your Senior Parents
Have you noticed some changes in your parents recently? Maybe they’re having more “senior moments” than usual, or they’re having more difficulty with daily...
Dec 20
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Winded Taking the Stairs? It Could be a Sign of IPF
Are you experiencing shortness of breath? Are you winded simply taking the stairs at home? Although feeling out of breath is normal during a high-intensity...
Dec 14
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Women’s Health Screenings By Age
Your health concerns and questions when you’re in your 20s can be much different than when you reach a post-menopausal age. According to the Centers for...
Sep 09
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How To Avoid A Trip To The ER
As you get older, things obviously change, and there is more that you need to watch out for. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t live your life to the...
Aug 06
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A Patient’s Wish To Dance Again
Meet Patrick Murtagh, a man who came to Banner Health needing physical therapy, occupational therapy and Home Health Aide care. Mr. Murtagh was admitted...
Aug 05 1
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So, You Have Rheumatoid Arthritis – What Now?
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks the joints – instead of the typical bacteria and viruses that it should...
Jul 17
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Osteoporosis: What Is It And What Does It Do To You?
Your skeleton plays an important role in your body. Our bones protect our organs and provide the structure and support we need to stand, walk and so much...
May 22 1
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The Importance Of Advance Care Planning
Advance care planning sounds like some new-fangled treatment you can get from your doctor. However, it’s a collection of important decisions you need to...
Apr 16
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Understanding Your Cholesterol
High cholesterol is bad and low cholesterol is good…right? Although this statement is not entirely false, there is a little bit more to it than that. Understanding...
Feb 20