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10 Safety Tips for Seniors to Prevent Bathroom Falls and Injuries
Within the comfort of our homes, a silent threat looms for millions of seniors – the risk of bathroom falls. As we age, the bathroom – once a sanctuary...
March 20
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Tips to Promote Mental Well-Being for People Living with Parkinson’s Disease
When you think about Parkinson’s disease (PD), it’s natural to focus on the physical challenges. After all, PD is a neurological movement disorder with...
March 16
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Maintaining Stability: A Guide to Balancing Exercises for Seniors
Balancing can seem effortless when you’re young. You might hop on one foot to pull on a pair of pants, walk downstairs without giving the handrail a second...
February 22
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The Truth Behind These 7 Myths About Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia
Alzheimer’s disease and dementia can be distressing for people with these conditions and the people who love and care for them.  A lot of myths and misconceptions...
February 21
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Emergency Preparedness for Older Adults: Addressing Unique Concerns
Whether it’s a power outage, a wildfire or a sudden health problem, we all need to be prepared to face an emergency. If you’re an older adult, you might...
February 09
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Sex After 60: Your Guide to Intimacy and a Healthy Sex Life
Enjoying a healthy sex life isn’t only for the young. People of all ages can have satisfying sexual experiences. As you age, you may experience some physical...
December 15
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Don’t Drive to the Hospital If You Have a Heart Attack
It’s a Tuesday evening, and you start feeling an uncomfortable tightness in your chest. Your mind races. Is it a bad case of heartburn – or could you be...
December 08
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Chair Yoga: Gentle Exercises for Seniors with Limited Mobility
If you’re not as mobile as you used to be, you may think yoga isn’t for you. After all, in traditional yoga, you move between standing, sitting and lying...
November 17
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Managing Asthma as You Age: A Guide for Seniors
A lot of times, people think of asthma as a childhood disease. It’s true that the breathing condition, which may cause wheezing, coughing or a tight feeling...
November 08
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These Unexpected Symptoms Could Be Signs of Parkinson’s Disease
When you think of Parkinson’s disease symptoms, tremors probably come to your mind. Tremors are indeed a classic symptom of the condition, but other worrisome...
November 03