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Pernicious Anemia: When You Can’t Absorb Enough Vitamin B12
Pernicious anemia is a type of anemia you could have if you can’t absorb enough vitamin B12. When that happens, your body doesn’t produce enough red blood...
September 20
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7 Health Benefits You Can Gain When You Start to Play Pickleball
If you’re an older adult, it can seem like you’re spotting pickleball everywhere you turn. There are courts around the corner, your friends are joining...
September 04
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How to Prevent Dehydration in Loved Ones With Dementia
If your loved one with dementia seems confused or tired, you may chalk it up to their condition. But there’s another possible cause — dehydration. It’s...
August 31
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26 Tips for Living Well with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)
If you have rheumatoid arthritis (RA), you know how difficult and painful it can be to do everyday tasks like opening a jar or a door. And struggling with...
August 25
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How to Tackle 8 Difficult Conversations with Your Aging Parents
There’s a certain dynamic with just about all parent-child relationships. After all, your parents raised you. They probably taught you everything from...
August 18
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Is Your Loved One’s Health Problem Dementia or Something Else?
Just about everybody has a favorite Bruce Willis movie, whether it’s a blockbuster like “Die Hard” or “Pulp Fiction” or a cult classic like “Hudson Hawk.”...
August 04
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8 Tips to Prevent Head and Brain Injuries in Adults and Children
A knock to the head seems par for the course when you play certain sports or recreational activities. Not all head injuries are serious, but some can be...
June 01
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Seniors Can Stay Strong with These Five Hip-Strengthening Exercises
Ever notice how the older adults in your life might struggle to get up from a chair or out of a car? As you get older, it’s essential to keep your muscles...
May 22
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How to Make It Easier on Your Kids if You Need Care as You Age
As you get older, you may still feel like your body is strong and your mind is sharp. But you recognize that a day may come when you’ll need some help...
April 07
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8 Reasons Your Back Might Hurt More as You Get Older
As you get older, you might notice your back bothers you more than it used to. People aged 45 and up are much more likely to experience back pain than...
February 19