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Can Eating Fewer Calories Slow Down the Aging Process?
Have you ever wished for the fountain of youth? The quest to slow down aging has been a human obsession for centuries. From skincare products to diets,...
July 18
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It’s Not Just Hips and Knees—Other Joints That Can Be Replaced
If you have joint pain, you know how much it can interfere with your life. Everyday activities can be difficult, and the pain can even wake you up at night....
June 28
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Alzheimer’s: How Couples Can Navigate Challenges After a Diagnosis
Whether you’re married or dating, together for months or decades, an Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis can rock your relationship. You’ve planned a future...
June 14
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Senior Swing: Why More Older Adults Are Playing Golf
In a world where trends come and go, there’s something timeless about the game of golf. This is because golfing isn’t just for the young at heart. It’s...
June 11
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The Health and Wellness Benefits of Water Aerobics for Older Adults
As you get older, exercise can help you stay mobile, independent and healthy. It can lower your risk of chronic diseases, improve your mental health and...
May 24
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Senior Safety: 9 Hot Weather Tips That Could Save Your Life
Summer is here, and that means more sunny days and fun times outside. But for older adults, hot weather can be dangerous.  Thankfully, you don’t have to...
April 24
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10 Safety Tips for Seniors to Prevent Bathroom Falls and Injuries
Within the comfort of our homes, a silent threat looms for millions of seniors – the risk of bathroom falls. As we age, the bathroom – once a sanctuary...
March 20
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Tips to Promote Mental Well-Being for People Living with Parkinson’s Disease
When you think about Parkinson’s disease (PD), it’s natural to focus on the physical challenges. After all, PD is a neurological movement disorder with...
March 16
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Maintaining Stability: A Guide to Balancing Exercises for Seniors
Balancing can seem effortless when you’re young. You might hop on one foot to pull on a pair of pants, walk downstairs without giving the handrail a second...
February 22
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The Truth Behind These 7 Myths About Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia
Alzheimer’s disease and dementia can be distressing for people with these conditions and the people who love and care for them.  A lot of myths and misconceptions...
February 21