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The Risk of UTIs as You Age
When you think of urinary tract infections (UTIs), you may think they occur mostly in young adults, especially women. But UTIs are the most common type...
Oct 30
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What Is a PSA Test and What Do the Results Mean?
How’s your prostate? When it comes to good health, are you keeping score? Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among American men, with the exception...
Sep 23
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Stop … Kegel Time! Strengthening Your Pelvic Floor
You can do them on your drive to work, cooking dinner, watching TV—just about anywhere. We’re talking about Kegel exercises. Besides planks and push-ups,...
Sep 18
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What’s My Urine Color Saying?
Did you know the color of your urine can tell a story? “Urine color can indicate a number of things, including your level of hydration, possible infections,...
Jan 25
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Will Your Next UTI Be Harder To Treat?
Each year millions of people – mostly women – contract Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs). Uncomfortable, painful and inconvenient, at least the cure used...
Aug 02
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How to Manage Incontinence, So You Can Worry Less
Incontinence. No one likes to talk about it and some may go to great lengths to hide that they deal with it on a day-to-day basis. This is a condition...
Jun 11
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Kidney Stone Treatments: Your Options
Many people suffer from kidney stones, but they may not know what kidney stone treatments they have available to them. Benjamin Lee, MD is the Chief of...
Sep 21 1
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BPH: What Is It, How Is It Treated?
As a man reaches middle age, health concerns start shifting to things that have never been a problem. For some men, prostate health becomes a major concern,...
Aug 12
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When Bed Wetting Becomes A Problem
My oldest daughter is 4 and has been potty trained for nearly two years. Sure, she has the occasional accident – what her pediatrician calls “busy little...
Aug 21
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All The Facts You Need About Erectile Dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction is a condition many men deal with, but it is something few are willing to discuss. However, men should rest assured that help is available...
Apr 08 1