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How to Tell If You Have Back Pain or Kidney Pain
Are you experiencing pain in your back or your side? It could be back or kidney pain (flank pain), but how do you tell the difference? According to the...
July 05
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Should I Get a Vasectomy? Five Myths Debunked
Permanent birth control isn’t a decision that only affects cisgender women. It is equally a concern for cisgender men, transgender and gender-expansive...
June 13
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Why Does It Burn When I Pee? 5 Possible Reasons
It’s normal to “feel the burn” in your muscles during an intense workout, but not when you pee.  Experiencing a burning sensation when you pee can be uncomfortable...
June 02
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Guys, Here's When You Need to Have a Urology Exam and What to Expect
Men have a reputation for steering clear of the doctor’s office, and they can be extra hesitant about scheduling an appointment for a problem “down there.”...
May 31
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Overactive Bladder? How Electrical Stimulation Could Help
If you have an overactive bladder, the symptoms can be annoying, inconvenient and embarrassing. You may feel the need to urinate frequently or feel such...
December 06
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What Is a Fistula? Types and Treatments Explained
What exactly is a fistula? No, it’s not a kitchen utensil that resembles a spatula. Unless you’ve been diagnosed with a fistula, you’ve probably never...
October 31
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What Does the Color of Your Urine Mean?
Unless you smell something “off” (like last night’s asparagus), you probably aren’t thinking about your urine before it swirls down the commode or toilet....
October 17
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Is It Time to Get a Bidet or to Stick to Toilet Paper?
Remember when toilet paper was in short supply in 2020? Besides having major concerns about a worldwide pandemic, you were also scouring store shelves...
September 02
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What Is Pelvic Organ Prolapse and What You Can Do About It
Do you feel pressure down below when you jog, run or do jumping jacks? Do you even cross your legs when you sneeze or cough for fear you’ll tinkle a little? This...
June 24
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Could My Herniated Disc Lead to Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES)?
In your teens, back pain was nothing more than a myth. In your 20s and 30s, your back only hurt after a day of heavy yard work. By the time you hit your...
May 27