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The Dangers of Fad Diets and Losing Weight Too Quickly
We’ve all seen the seemingly too-good-to-be-true advertisements and social media ads that claim extreme or quick weight loss results. If you’ve ever been...
Mar 03
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How Losing Weight Can Improve Your Health as You Age
Maybe you’ve struggled with your weight since the days of the Scarsdale diet. Or maybe you’ve gained the average one to two pounds a year, and as you age...
Oct 31
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The Best Ways to Lose Weight After Your Baby Is Born
After your baby is born, you might be eager to pack up your maternity clothes and get back into your pre-pregnancy outfits. But all the baby weight doesn’t...
Sep 10
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6 Health Risks You Face When You Ignore This Powerful Nutrient
Fiber can feel so old-fashioned. People commonly associate it with boring bran muffins, powder supplements mixed into juice and staying “regular.” But...
Jul 11
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Intuitive Eating: Listening to What Your Body Wants You to Eat
Maybe you’re sick of yo-yo dieting. Maybe you have gastrointestinal issues. Maybe you have a history of disordered eating. Maybe you simply want to have...
Jun 05
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The Blood Type Diet: Does It Really Work?
Our blood can tell us a lot about our health—how well our organs are working, diagnosing diseases and conditions and finding out certain risk factors....
May 14
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Stomach Troubles? How an Elimination Diet Could Help
We all know eating the right things can help fuel our bodies—ensuring we’re working at our most optimal levels—but for some who are experiencing tummy...
Apr 18
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How to Stop Gaining Weight as You Age
Are you finding it hard to maintain your weight as you get older? Rebecca Moran, MD, a family medicine physician at Banner Health Clinic in Phoenix, AZ,...
Apr 06
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Menopause Is on Your Horizon. Does That Mean You’ll Gain Weight?
You had your last baby years ago, and afterward the pregnancy pounds came off. Since then, your weight has been (mostly) stable. Until now, that is. Nothing...
Mar 01
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What an Expert Wants You to Know About the Flexitarian Diet
Maybe you’re intrigued by the idea of a plant-based diet, but there are a few foods you can’t imagine giving up. Like the roast chicken dinner you like...
Feb 17