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Why Physical Therapy Is Important for Long-Term Health
When your body isn’t moving as it should, you are recovering from an injury or shooting pains interrupt your daily life, your health care provider may...
May 26
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Seniors Can Stay Strong with These Five Hip-Strengthening Exercises
Ever notice how the older adults in your life might struggle to get up from a chair or out of a car? As you get older, it’s essential to keep your muscles...
May 22
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Is Sparkling Water Healthy or Does It Fall Flat?
San Pellegrino, Perrier, La Croix, Waterloo, Bubly, Spindrift … the list of sparkling water brands goes on and on. It seems Coke and Pepsi have more competition...
May 17
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Do Adjustable Beds Really Help You Sleep Better and Reduce Pain?
If you’re having trouble sleeping well, you’re snoring or you’re experiencing chronic back pain, you may wonder whether an adjustable bed might help. With...
May 05
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The Pegan Diet: When Paleo Meets Vegan
In the quest to trim down, gain muscle, eat healthier or prevent cardiovascular disease, many people look to dietary philosophies like Whole30, Mediterranean,...
May 03
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5 Ways to Lead a Healthy Life After You’ve Had a Stroke
If you’ve had a stroke, you probably found the experience frightening. Whether it was a mild stroke with a quick recovery or a more severe stroke where...
Apr 26
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All the Ways Stress Can Impact Your Life
You’ve heard the adage. Death and taxes are the only two certain things in this world. But we’d like to add one more thing – stress.   Fortunately, stress...
Apr 21
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5 Ways to Heal (and Prevent) Cracked Heels
Are your heels as dry as the Sonoran Desert and begging for some TLC?  Cracked heels, also known as heel fissures, are a common and uncomfortable foot...
Apr 20
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Help Your Child Transition from Pediatrics to Adult Medicine
You were responsible for all your child’s medical needs during childhood, from well-checks and filling out forms to tracking their medications. As your...
Apr 09
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How to Choose the Best Sunscreen to Protect Your Skin
You know how crucial it is to protect your skin from the sun. But the options for sunscreens can feel overwhelming. Some are physical barriers, while others...
Mar 31