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How Mind and Body Exercise Can Benefit Your Heart Health
In today’s hectic world, where deadlines loom, schedules overflow and demands never seem to end, taking care of your heart health is often pushed to the...
May 17
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The Hidden Cost of Debt: How Your Finances Impact Your Health
Every month, it seems the balance keeps climbing on your credit cards. You used your home equity line to repair your roof, and rising interest rates have...
May 14
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How Losing Weight Can Help Reduce Your GERD Symptoms
If you have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), you know how much the symptoms can disrupt your life. Heartburn can be uncomfortable or even painful,...
May 12
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8 Ways to Protect Yourself From Surfer’s Eye or Pterygium
We often hear about the harmful effects ultraviolet (UV) radiation has on our skin, but did you know it can also harm our eyes? It’s easy to overlook,...
May 09
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The Skinny on Dietary Fats: The Best and Worst for Your Health
When you hear the word “fat,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For many people, it might bring up thoughts of greasy fast food or poor health. Sadly,...
May 05
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What to Know About the Worrisome Link Between Stress and Stroke
If you need another reason to get your stress levels under control, here’s one — high stress may increase your risk of stroke. Your odds of having a stroke...
May 03
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9 Ways to Improve Your Pelvic Health
Pelvic health is an important part of a woman’s overall health and well-being, from bladder control to BMs (bowel movements) and sexual health to pregnancy.  But...
May 03
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Top ‘Anytime’ Gift Ideas for Moms That Can Boost Their Well-Being
For many moms, family, work and other responsibilities mean they don’t always get much time to take care of their own needs. It can be tough to find the...
May 01
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Senior Safety: 9 Hot Weather Tips That Could Save Your Life
Summer is here, and that means more sunny days and fun times outside. But for older adults, hot weather can be dangerous.  Thankfully, you don’t have to...
April 24
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Vaginal pH: What It Means and How to Keep Things Balanced Down There
Nowadays, we hear everyone talking about gut health and the microbiome. But it’s time to have an honest talk about something that doesn’t get nearly enough...
April 18