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Fixed vs. Growth: How a Growth Mindset Can Change Your Life
Have you ever felt like you’re stuck in a rut, unable to move forward or make progress in certain areas of your life? Maybe you’ve thought “I’m just not...
April 09
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How to Beat Morning Body Stiffness and Start Your Day Right
Do you ever wake up feeling like you’ve been folded into a human pretzel? Your alarm buzzes but your body protests. It’s like your muscles and joints decided...
April 05
Better Me
Weight Loss Medications: What Are Your Options?
Are you on a weight loss journey but struggling to see the results you desire? You’re not alone. Many people need help shedding excess pounds despite their...
April 03
Teach Me
Traction Alopecia: Your Hair’s Silent Cry for Help
Tugging, pulling and yanking are actions we often think of when it comes to getting a grip on something — be it a jar lid or an annoying knot in our shoelaces.  But...
March 24
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Shake Off the Winter Slump: 12 Tips for Getting Back into Shape
As winter's frosty grip melts into the warmth of spring, many of us find ourselves trying to break free from the winter slump. But sometimes transitioning...
March 15
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Smart Sunscreen Strategies: Easy Tips for Everyday Protection
You’ve been hearing about how important sunscreen is for years. You’re rubbing in a lotion or gel on your skin, spraying sunscreen on your kids at the...
March 14
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Making Healthier Choices: A Guide to Quitting Soda
Whether you reach for the caffeine-and-sugar hit of Mountain Dew midafternoon, enjoy the way a Coke pairs with a burger and fries or grew up drinking root...
March 11
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Is My Tattoo Infected? 5 Signs and What to Do About It
Tattoos are personal pieces of art you carry with you everywhere. Getting one is a unique experience and an investment. You may have spent a lot of time...
March 01
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Healthy Eating Tips That Can Save You Money at the Grocery Store
You’d like to make healthier food choices for yourself and your family, but the prices in the grocery store make you want to give up and grab a family...
February 27
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Maintaining Stability: A Guide to Balancing Exercises for Seniors
Balancing can seem effortless when you’re young. You might hop on one foot to pull on a pair of pants, walk downstairs without giving the handrail a second...
February 22