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Benefits of Quitting Smoking (Hint: It Can Start Within Minutes)
Quitting is hard—especially if you’re trying to kick a smoking habit. Maybe you’ve raised children, juggled a difficult job or tackled life-changing events....
May 26
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How Do You Know If Therapy Is Really Working?
Psychotherapy, or talk therapy, has been shown to help people better understand themselves and those around them. It can give you the skills and tools...
May 25
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5 Zinc Benefits and Why You Need It in Your Diet
When it comes to vitamins and minerals in your diet, you’ve got your big players like vitamins A, B12, C and D, but what about your Zs – or zinc? Unless...
May 21
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Signs You Have High-Functioning Anxiety and What to Do About It
Do you overthink or worry a lot? Are you a planner? Are you a perfectionist? Do you always meet deadlines—even earlier than expected? You could be an over-achiever,...
May 10
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What’s the Big Deal About Eating Breakfast Anyway?
You’ve probably heard it throughout your life—breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But is that really true? Or are you better off skipping...
May 08
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Why It’s Important to Treat Toenail Traumas and Injuries
It’s late at night, you’re half-asleep fumbling in the dark, and bam! You slam your big toe into something hard. You think, “How can something so small...
May 03
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Here’s the Surprising Truth Behind These 13 Myths About Melanoma
It’s important to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. That’s because sun exposure can cause skin cancer, including melanoma—the most dangerous...
May 02
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5 Easy and Healthy Tips to Upgrade Your Frozen Dinners
Many of us have busy schedules. Between work, commutes and after-school and after work commitments, dinnertime can often sneak up on us. Making homecooked...
Apr 29
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How to Advocate for Yourself When You’re Talking to Your Doctor
When you’re at your doctor’s office, you might find it hard to speak up for yourself. You might be focused on anxious thoughts about the health concern...
Apr 28
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How To Prevent Dehydration From Crushing Your Workout
You’ve got all you need to crush your run: a good pair of running shoes, comfortable athletic wear and an epic iTunes playlist. Unfortunately, the one...
Apr 26