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How to Strengthen Your Muscles with Resistance Bands
Resistance bands get a bad rap. Athletes tend to overlook them. You hardly ever see resistance bands in gyms, maybe because people think you need to lift...
Aug 03
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Bad Sunburn? Eight Tips to Treat and Find Some Relief
Oops, you did it again. You spent too much time in the sun, and now you look like a human lobster. In a perfect world, we’d lather up with sunscreen before...
Aug 01
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Scared of Needles? 5 Tips to Overcome the Fear
Let’s face it: No one loves getting a shot or having their blood drawn, but some people are downright fearful that it sometimes prevents them from getting...
Jul 25
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How to Pick the Right Helmet for the Right Sport or Activity
They may look goofy, be a little hot and mess up your hairdo, but there are many solid reasons why you should wear a helmet when you’re out on the football...
Jul 20
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10 Do’s and Don’ts for Helping a Friend Through Infertility and Pregnancy Loss
For many couples wanting to have children, the process of getting pregnant seems simple enough. Do the deed around the time of ovulation, and voila! conception....
Jul 16
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Fake Commute: How it Can Improve Your Workday and Wellbeing
For many of us in 2020, the mind-numbing morning commute became a thing of the past as the pandemic forced us to embrace working from home. Crowded subways...
Jul 15
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6 Health Risks You Face When You Ignore This Powerful Nutrient
Fiber can feel so old-fashioned. People commonly associate it with boring bran muffins, powder supplements mixed into juice and staying “regular.” But...
Jul 11
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8 Tips to Engage Your Kids in Your Workouts
Most of us acknowledge the benefits of exercise, but for busy parents, it can seem near impossible to do when you’re keeping up with all your other responsibilities....
Jul 10
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Slowing Down? 5 Steps for Fitting in Exercise as You Get Older
As you get older, it can be easy to find excuses to let yourself slow down. Maybe your joints ache. Maybe you’re carrying a few extra pounds. Maybe you...
Jul 06
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Are You Overlooking This Important Aspect of Your Medical Care?
When you’re recovering from an illness, surgery or injury there are lots of steps you can take to help yourself heal. You can take medication as directed,...
Jul 03