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How to Beat this Sleep Problem That Strikes Pregnant Women
When you’re pregnant, parents with babies will tell you to sleep while you can. And it’s true that you’re about as likely to get a good night’s sleep with...
Jul 30
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Rh Factor: How Does It Affect Your Pregnancy?
If you’ve just found out you’re pregnant, one of the first – and most important – tests you’ll take is a blood-type test. This simple test not only tells...
Jul 29
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Women: This Could Be What’s Causing Your Sleep Problems
Sleep problems strike a lot of us now and then. Maybe it’s hard for you to fall asleep, you wake up too early or you wake up a lot during the night. If...
Jul 24
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Planning for Pregnancy: Your Pre-Pregnancy Checklist
Do you have baby fever? You and your partner may be ready to get to work on babymaking, but are you ready for pregnancy? Just as there are nine months...
Jul 01
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I Have a High-Risk Pregnancy, Now What?
Learning you’re expecting a baby is an exciting and joyous time. If you’ve been diagnosed with a high-risk pregnancy, however, those emotions can quickly...
Jun 23
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PMS or Pregnant? How You Can Tell the Difference
Tender breasts? Mood swings? Exhaustion? “Wait, am I getting my period, or am I pregnant?” One of the most common signs of an early pregnancy is a missed...
Jun 16
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I Have an Abnormal Pap Test—Now What?
A Pap test is an important preventative screening test for cervical cancer that’s performed on most 21 to 65-year-old women every few years. It’s fast...
May 17
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Why You Might Miss a Period (Besides the Obvious Reasons)
Let’s get the obvious reasons out of the way—the most common reasons you might miss a menstrual period are pregnancy and menopause. But there are other...
May 16
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Atypical vs. Typical: Recognizing the Signs of a Heart Attack
Chest pains … They’re complicated. Many of us have experienced that moment: a twinge or uncomfortable strain in our chests after lifting weights or an...
May 08
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Diagnosing Fertility: Common Tests on the Pathway to Pregnancy
Have you and your partner been talking about starting a family? Do you have concerns about fertility? As you go through the process of evaluating your...
May 07