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Diagnosing Fertility: Common Tests on the Pathway to Pregnancy
Have you and your partner been talking about starting a family? Do you have concerns about fertility? As you go through the process of evaluating your...
May 07
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First Period: What Products Does Your Tween/Teen Really Need
You’ve had the birds and bees and puberty conversations, gotten shaving down, purchased her first bras and now the countdown begins to your daughter’s...
May 03
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Caring for a New Baby? Watch Out for Mommy Thumb
You prepared yourself—at least as much as you could—for all of the changes that come with taking care of a new baby. You decorated a nursery, stocked up...
May 02
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Treating Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) During and After Pregnancy
What’s that? Another daunting symptom of pregnancy? Whether it’s nausea, back pain, or “mommy brain“, there’s more than a few conditions for pregnant women...
May 01
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PCOS: What is It and Why is It So Hard to Diagnose?
It’s one thing to feel like a hormonal teenager when you’re, well, a teenager, but you’ve been an adult now for a while—so what’s up with the irregular...
Apr 23
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Understanding Pulmonary Embolism Risk During Pregnancy
For pregnant women, stories of pulmonary embolism (PE) are an all-too-common headline in the news. Two examples from recent years include the passing of...
Apr 19
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What Should I Avoid Eating and Drinking When Breastfeeding?
For nine months (or more!), you’ve carefully avoided deli meats, unpasteurized cheeses, alcohol and other foods that you just couldn’t stomach during pregnancy....
Apr 09
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How to Stop Gaining Weight as You Age
Are you finding it hard to maintain your weight as you get older? Rebecca Moran, MD, a family medicine physician at Banner Health Clinic in Phoenix, AZ,...
Apr 06
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Painful Periods? Adenomyosis Could Be the Cause
Periods, periods. While few women really enjoy regular periods, a bigger issue can arise if you experience heavy, painful ones. There are many factors...
Apr 03
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Prenatal Screenings and Tests: What to Expect Every Trimester
Although getting pregnant is an exciting (life-altering) experience for most women, it can be a bit overwhelming with frequent doctor visits and all the...
Apr 01