MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imaging

If your doctor orders an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) you won't have to travel farther than one of our conveniently located imaging centers. This advanced X-ray technique allows a deeper look into body structures, including brain, spine, bones and organs. We will make sure you are comfortable during the test and our certified team will be with your during the entire procedure.

MRI is one of most advanced procedures for clearly seeing into your body without the use of X-rays. At Banner Health, we use the latest MRI technology to help you feel as comfortable as possible. MRI uses harmless, magnetic fields and radio waves to create a detailed image of a section of your body such as the abdomen or brain.

MRI is used to image all parts of the body and diagnose conditions including:

  • Injuries to the bones, joints, ligaments and tendons
  • Coronary artery disease and other heart problems
  • Cancer and other disorders in the chest and abdomen
  • Breast cancer

To make an accurate diagnosis, your doctor may order an imaging test such as an MRI, CT scan or X-ray. We know that finding timely answers is important. That is why Banner offers several modern imaging centers with comfortable amenities and certified staff to support you.

  • Convenient hours
  • Advanced equipment
  • Competitive pricing
  • Acceptance of most insurance plans