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Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia

Scientists and doctors are working tirelessly to find better ways to treat Alzheimer’s disease, delay its onset and prevent it completely. Although it can’t yet be stopped or cured, early diagnosis and treatment offer the best opportunity to live well with the disease and plan for the future.

What is Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s disease is an irreversible disease of the brain that affects your thinking, behavior and memory. Alzheimer's develops when changes in the brain disrupt connections between messenger cells called neurons and other parts of the brain responsible for memory, language, reasoning and social behavior. While some memory loss happens to most of us as we age, Alzheimer's memory loss is more serious. It’s a degenerative disease, meaning symptoms worsen over time. As neurons are damaged and die, the connections between entire networks of neurons break down, causing regions of the brain to shrink. As the disease progresses, you or your loved one may become disoriented and confused and have difficulty with daily tasks and eventually, may lose the ability to eat and talk, becoming dependent on others for care. 

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Memory Care Centers of Excellence
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Banner Alzheimer's Institute

Established in 2006, Banner Alzheimer’s Institute (BAI) has revolutionized the standard of care for Alzheimer’s and memory-related disorders. The Stead Family Memory Center, Toole Family Memory Center and J. Orin Edson Family Lew Body Dementia Center make up the three comprehensive memory care centers of excellence at Banner Alzheimer’s Institute in Phoenix and Tucson. Learn more about Banner Alzheimer's Institute

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Banner Sun Health Research Institute

Founded in 1986, Banner Sun Health Research Institute has an international reputation for groundbreaking scientific achievements in research in neurodegenerative illnesses including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease and Lewy body dementias. Banner Sun Health Research Institute is committed to identifying effective treatments, devising strategies for prevention and providing personalized, outstanding care. Learn more about Banner Sun Health Research

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Clinical Trials - Access Tomorrow’s Medicine Today

Banner Alzheimer’s Institute (BAI) and Banner Sun Health Research Institute (BSHRI) are proud to offer clinical trials and research studies focused on making groundbreaking discoveries for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia-related diseases  to patients and people in the community at no charge. By participating in clinical trials, you could receive access to cutting-edge, investigational medicine and play a vital role in finding a treatment, cure or a way to prevent the disease for future generations. 

Learn more about our clinical trials
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Support the Fight

At Banner Alzheimer's Institute, the focus isn’t on grief. The focus isn’t on fear. The focus is on the groundbreaking research and care that will get us to the goal of ending Alzheimer’s before another generation is lost. With your philanthropic support, we can accelerate efforts needed to stop the disease and provide care to patients and families now.

Learn about the many ways to make a charitable investment in Alzheimer’s care and research.