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Types of Neurosurgical Tumors

When it comes to tumors affecting the brain, skull and spine, the expert team of neurosurgeons at Banner Brain & Spine are prepared to help. Learn more about the different types of tumors and treatment options available.

What Is a Neurosurgery Tumor?

A tumor is a growth formed of abnormal cells. Tumors relating to neurosurgery include brain tumors, skull tumors, tumors near peripheral nerves and spinal tumors.

Who Can Develop Tumors?

Anyone can develop a tumor of the brain, spine or nerves.

Learn More About Types of Neurosurgery Tumors and Treatment Options

There are several types of brain surgery for tumors.

Brain Tumors:

The two main types of brain tumors include primary tumors, like gliomas, and secondary tumors like metastases. Learn more about types of brain tumors, risk factors, symptoms and treatments options from Banner Brain & Spine.

Skull Base Tumors:

Signs and symptoms for skull base tumors can depend on the size, type and location of your tumor. Learn more about types of skull base tumors, risk factors, symptoms and treatment options from Banner Brain & Spine.

Neurosurgery Biopsy:

A biopsy in neurosurgery is taken to determine if skull or brain tumors are benign or cancerous. Learn more about how neurosurgery biopsies are performed and recovery after a biopsy is performed.

Neurosurgery for Tumors:

Depending on the location of the brain or skull tumor will determine what type of surgery your doctor chooses to remove the tumor. Learn more about the types of tumor surgery options and what to expect.