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Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery

At Banner Brain & Spine, our neurosurgeons take a minimally invasive approach to brain surgery whenever possible. Minimally invasive surgery is less invasive to the body, can achieve a better cosmetic result and provides for a faster recovery.  We use the most modern techniques and the latest innovative technologies. This ensures the safest possible surgery and effective recovery for all our patients. 

What Is Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery?

Minimally invasive brain surgery uses techniques that are performed through small incisions. This type of surgery, also known as endoscopic brain surgery, approaches the condition with a less invasive approach compared to traditional brain surgery called a craniotomy.

Benefits of Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery

Minimally invasive brain surgery allows for your neurosurgeon to reach the tumor or malformation in your brain through incisions that are smaller than traditional brain surgery incisions. These smaller incisions and less invasive approach ensure that the brain has less exposure. There is also less manipulation of the brain itself. This tends to lead to less pain and discomfort during the recovery process. 

Other benefits of minimally invasive surgery include:

  • Faster recovery time
  • Low impact to appearance of your hair and scalp
  • Less sore when chewing
  • Less numbness on the scalp

Minimally Invasive vs Traditional Brain Surgery Approach (Craniotomy)

It is important to talk to your neurologist and neurosurgeon about your options when it comes to brain surgery. Your neurosurgeon will discuss all options with you including a minimally invasive approach vs a craniotomy. While we always look at minimally invasive options first, there may be times when a traditional approach is the better option. No matter which route of surgery your neurosurgeon takes, we will provide the best care.

Conditions Treated with Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery

Minimally invasive brain surgery is used to treat various conditions including malformations and brain tumor removal. Other conditions that can be considered for minimally invasive brain surgery include:

  • Aneurysms
  • Stroke
  • Epilepsy
  • Parkinson’s disease

Your neurosurgeon will recommend the best treatment options available to you based on your condition and needs. We’re prepared to support you through this process and answer any questions you may have.

Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery Technology

At Banner Health, we pride ourselves on the innovative technology our neurosurgery team uses to ensure a smooth surgery and recovery. Our team of experts uses image-guided surgery techniques that incorporate technologies such as ultrasounds, fluorescent and periscope.

High intensity focused ultrasound: High intensity focused ultrasounds are used to treat the affected tissue in the brain. This type of ultrasound is non-invasive and can be used to target specific areas on the brain. The high intensity focused ultrasound generates heat to the tissue so there are no incisions needed. Our experts will monitor your brain during this procedure to see how the brain is responding. This ultrasound may be used for tumors, epilepsy and stroke.

Fluorescence guided technology: The fluorescence guided technology uses fluorescent dye to help pinpoint the location of the tumor or tumors within the brain. This technology ensures that the surgery is less invasive and gives patients a better recovery outcome.  This technology can be used to better detect tumors in the brain. It can also help prevent unnecessary damage to any normal surrounding tissue.  

Periscope Guided Technology: Periscope guided technology allows your neurosurgeon to see highly-magnified images during the surgery. This helps keep the movement of the brain to a minimum and allows the surgeon to go around the brain to see the tumor or malformation.

It’s important to talk to your neurosurgeon to discuss all your surgery options so you know what to expect as part of your treatment plan. Learn more about what to expect during and after minimally invasive brain surgery

Our brain and spine neurosurgery experts use only the latest technologies and treatments to get you back to your everyday routine. You can rest easy knowing that the staff at Banner Brain & Spine will help treat your condition and support you during your recovery.