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Grants and Sponsored Projects

With multiple high-performing research institutions that have received tens of millions of dollars in research funding, Banner Research is a place where innovation meets technology. Research grants and partnerships enable us to create synergies and make unprecedented medical breakthroughs through high-quality, collaborative clinical research projects that bring new treatments and preventative therapies to the forefront for clinical use.

Research Grant Proposal Support

The Sponsored Projects Office (SPO) was established to develop translational research at Banner Health, position Banner as a research leader in the communities it serves and support all Banner investigators in the initiation and funding of their research endeavors. They have the designated authority to review, and approve the submission of Sponsored Project applications for external funding on behalf of Banner Health.       

Essential Functions of the Sponsored Projects Office 

  • Identify and disseminate funding opportunities.
  • Serve as a liaison between institutions, investigators and sponsors for the initiation and implementation of collaborative research administration.
  • Support strategic partnerships and collaborations with universities, research institutes and industry.
  • Oversee and provide guidance and assistance in grant proposal writing. Note: SPO is available to assist in the development, submission and administration of grants. There are no technical writers on the team to aid in the development of the content of the proposal.
  • Facilitate the negotiation of budgets and contracts.
  • Submit final proposal and administrative reports to sponsors (federal, state, private and industry).
  • Represent Banner Health research in meetings and conferences and in collaboration with pertinent parties; visit regularly with Banner Health facilities to promote research collaborations and system connectivity.
  • Manage post award process through collaboration with Banner’s Research administration.

Roles & Responsibilities

For prospective Banner investigators, SPO is here to support you during the proposal stage and in all phases of project development and post award administration.

Principal Investigator and Program Manager

The principal investigator (PI) or program manager (PM) sets the vision that will drive the overall development of the proposal. SPO will work closely with the PI/PM in the development of the proposal. Success can only be achieved when the PI is an active participant.

The PI/PM of an award accepts primary responsibility for the conduct of the award, for technical compliance, completion of programmatic work, fiscal stewardship of sponsor funds and proper conduct of the project in accordance with applicable federal, state, organization and sponsor requirements.

Sponsored Projects Team

The Sponsored Projects team will work to be a catalyst for research and programmatic pre- and post-award needs. Sponsored Projects Specialists/Grant managers will be available to assist in identifying funding sources, prepare proposals and review written proposals to ensure they are thorough, complete and comply with regulations set by the sponsor organization and Banner Health, proposal submission and follow-up. They will also assist with addressing the requirements governing the award, award negotiation, award set up and post-award management.

Banner Health

Banner provides the infrastructure for all Banner investigators. As the applicant organization, Banner is responsible for verifying its eligibility and the accuracy, validity, and conformity with the most current institutional guidelines of all the administrative, fiscal and scientific information in the application, including the Facilities and Administrative rate. Deliberate withholding, falsification or misrepresentation of information could result in administrative actions, such as withdrawal of an application, suspension and/or termination of an award, debarment of individuals, as well as possible criminal penalties. The signer further certifies that the applicant organization will be accountable both for the appropriate use of any funds awarded and for the performance of the grant-supported project or activities resulting from this application. The grantee institution may be liable for the reimbursement of funds associated with any inappropriate or fraudulent conduct of the project activity.


SPO will engage with the PI/PM as early on in the process as possible. SPO must receive notice of PI/PM intent to apply for a grant no later than four weeks before the submission deadline in order to provide adequate time to provide the best service possible.

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