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From clinical trials to major grant-funded projects and initiatives, research is critical to staying at the forefront of the constantly changing health care landscape. Banner Health is where cutting-edge research intersects with innovation, vision and technology to drive groundbreaking discoveries. We are committed to facilitating high-quality clinical trials and other research projects that advance medical science, and have a strong potential to benefit patients and improve health care outcomes.

Banner Health is home to over 350 research team members who share our commitment to making the health care experience the best it can be and a viable care treatment option. We provide opportunities to engage in meaningful research endeavors and we offer end-to-end resources to assist principal investigators in securing funding and support for research initiatives.

Banner Research Programs

Our steadfast commitment to advancing science is evident in the breadth of our research programs. Serving as opportunities for academics, scientists and physicians to work in synergy, these programs expand medical knowledge and give new hope to patients and their families.

Clinical Research Careers

When you work at Banner, we strive to help make a difference in your life and career so you can make a difference in the lives of others. Banner Health offers clinical research career opportunities in several academic, memory and movement and cancer specialties for talented, motivated Banner Health employees, affiliates and health care professionals who are interested in conducting research and changing the health care landscape. A variety of research positions are available, including:

  • Clinical research coordinators
  • Project managers
  • Program managers
  • Clinical trial senior managers
  • Bioinformatic scientists
  • Data scientists
  • Pathology technicians
  • Research assistants
  • Research nurses
  • Sponsored project specialists

Find your future at Banner Health today with a career advancing scientific research and driving tomorrow’s medical discoveries today.

Resources for Researchers

Banner Research supports investigators with a variety of resources to help go from idea to proposal to funded research project.

Grants and Sponsored Projects

With multiple high-performing research institutions that have received tens of millions of dollars in research funding, Banner Research is a place where innovation meets technology. Learn more about grants and sponsored projects

Education at Banner Research

Banner Research knows the importance of educating and training the next generation of researchers, scientists and physicians. Learn more about the education programs available at Banner Research

Regulatory Affairs and Institutional Review Board

To provide administrative support and oversight for approximately 1200 inpatient and outpatient research projects, we work with Banner Health administrators and key decision makers to establish hospital-based research departments comprising research directors, clinical research nurses, clinical research coordinators and Regulatory Affairs support. Learn more about our clinical research administration and Institutional Review Board.  

Operational Support for Research

Banner Research performs budgeting, negotiation, medical billing compliance, educational, regulatory and operational functions.

The office works with Banner Research Finance, Banner Research Legal, Research Directors, and the IRB to streamline and expedite the study pre-award process. The office also works with the Study Coordinators and Medical Billing to ensure that individual charges are billed to the correct payer, patients receive their stipends in a timely fashion, and invoices are sent to study sponsors in adherence to the contracted guidelines.

Banner Research also establishes standard policies and procedures needed for the successful management of clinical trials throughout Banner's facilities and institutes.

For additional resources for principal investigators, browse the Support Service Catalog or contact us to learn more about how Banner Health supports discovery driving clinical research at every stage of the process.