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Clinical research is the catalyst for bringing groundbreaking scientific discoveries  to the forefront in finding new ways to treat, prevent and detect illnesses. Having supported nearly 1,400 research studies in 2021 alone, Banner Research is dedicated to transforming discoveries into new diagnostic, treatment and prevention methods for diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, infectious disease, COVID-19 and cancer. 

The studies and programs encompassed within Banner Research  include:

  • All clinical trials and other research in Banner medical facilities
  • Banner Alzheimer’s Institute
  • Banner Sun Health Research Institute
  • Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center research
  • All grants, including non-research grants, in Banner medical facilities

Our dedication to breaking scientific barriers is reflected in the array of research programs Banner offers. We leverage our programs to uncover new information that helps convert groundbreaking discoveries into improved patient outcomes. Banner’s Research programs enable academics, scientists and physicians to work cooperatively in an effort to expand medical knowledge and offer help and hope to patients and their families. Learn more about Banner Research programs

How can you get involved? Whether you’re a patient, caregiver or a loved one of someone who has grappled with an illness, there are many ways you can support Banner’s research efforts, including participating in clinical research, prevention studies, making a donation or by simply sharing your story with us. We encourage you to get involved and be a part of finding a cure to an illness that is meaningful to you and your family. Learn more about how to give to Banner Research.

Clinical Trials Currently Enrolling

Clinical trials at Banner Research safely evaluate new treatments, including drugs, medical devices, vaccines, blood products and gene therapies, on volunteer patients before making the treatment available for clinical use. View our clinical trials that are currently enrolling at the locations below:

Banner Alzheimer's Institute

View a list of currently enrolling clinical trials

Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center

View a list of currently enrolling clinical trials

Banner Sun Health Research Institute

View a list of currently enrolling clinical trials

Support Banner Research

People, businesses and corporations that give play an important role in making a difference in the health and wellness of individuals, families and their communities. When donations are made to fund research projects, sponsor programs to back initiatives and form partnerships to support a cause, everyone benefits.

Learn about the many ways to make a charitable investment in research.