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Sleep Testing

Our Banner Health sleep centers are dedicated to providing you with compassionate, quality care for your sleep disorders, so that you can get a peaceful, undisturbed night’s rest. 

We provide efficient, affordable testing options for you and your loved ones. The team of experts at Banner Health is ready to get you answers to your sleep disorders whether that is at one of our sleep centers or from the comfort of your home with our at-home sleep testing program. 

Learn more about our testing options and how to know if a sleep test may be right for you.

What is a Sleep Test?

A sleep test, also known as a sleep study, monitors what happens to your body while you sleep. Special equipment, used either in-home or at one of our comfortable in-patient facilities, records information about brain waves, breathing, heart rate and oxygen level, which helps doctors find out what may be causing your sleep symptoms.

These sleep study diagnostic tests can be either in the sleep center facility at a Banner Health location or in your home via an at-home sleep test. Talk to your provider about the type of sleep test that best suits you.

Sleep Study

Sleep studies play a key role in diagnosing any potential sleep disorders. Our specialists will work with you to determine the type of test that best fits your needs and will monitor your sleep behavior for an accurate diagnosis.

Learn more about your sleep study options as well as what happens during your sleep study

Sleep Questionnaire

Do you struggle to stay or fall asleep? Do you feel tired throughout the day? It can be hard to know if you have a sleep disorder and when to seek help.

Use the Banner Health sleep questionnaire to determine if seeing a sleep specialist is the right move for you.

Banner Health is focused on providing efficient and effective sleep testing options to help you get a peaceful night’s sleep. Talk to your doctor today to learn more about our sleep testing options.