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One size does not fit most, and neither should your program. So, whether you are an athlete returning to performance, an athlete transitioning to retirement or a first responder who needs help with the day-to-day challenges of your job, the Banner Sports Medicine High Performance Center is here to help tailor a program unique to your needs and personal goals.

Return to performance

We offer personalized programming to help athletes who have been injured and are looking to safely return to performance or play. Evaluations measure and monitor performance and help athletes and their support team understand their status. In collaboration with our Banner Sports Medicine team, we help ensure athletes are physically and mentally prepared for a safe return to sport.

Our progressive return to performance training helps correct any physical limitations or imbalances. We continue to work on athletic development so athletes function at a level that prevents setbacks or further injury. We bridge the gap when physical therapy ends and before or after athletes are fully cleared to return to participation.

Retired athletes

We support athletes as they transition from a lifestyle of competitive sport to ensure they maintain their quality of life once their careers are over.

First responders and service members

Firefighters, law enforcement, paramedics and military personnel have some of the most intense jobs on the planet. Our team helps address musculoskeletal impairments and dysfunction that lead to overuse injury, aches and pains and impede performance. We offer preparation for training and job activities and help them recover from the day-to-day physical challenges of their job.

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