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Whether a high school or professional athlete looking for a competitive edge or a distance runner looking to set a new record, every athlete wants to take their performance to the next level. The Banner Sports Medicine High Performance Center is here to help.

Our team of experienced specialists understands that training for athletic performance is different for every athlete. Just as no two people are alike, no two athletes are the same either.

We will help you achieve your goals and have extensive background helping student, amateur, elite and professional athletes take their performance to the next level. We use extensive knowledge and data to generate personalized programs to help athletes prevent injury, optimize performance, speed recovery and enhance readiness.

The High Performance Center offers a variety of programs to support performers at every level:

Professional & Elite Athletes

As a professional and elite athlete, your career can hinge on someone being a little bit faster than you, jumping a little higher than you, or simply generating more power.

The High Performance Center can help you gain a competitive edge. Our professional training facility integrates high-tech with a high-touch, world-class staff to deliver an elite athlete experience that can support every phase of your athletic career. We are designed to be your off-season team and facility that provides you with an integrated program and the tools you need to optimize your performance.

Learn more about our professional and elite athlete program.

College Athletes

As a busy collegiate athlete, your college experience can be defined by your athletic performance. The High Performance Center offers professional-level training systems and holistic support to student-athletes.

We help student-athletes uncover and unlock weaknesses and advance strengths and get to the next level. We take a strategic and comprehensive approach to help young athletes maximize athletic performance as well as find balance, build strength, persistence and fortitude and implement change to develop and grow.

Learn more about our college athlete program.

High School Athletes

Many high school-aged students want to become college and professional athletes but don’t know the steps necessary to get to the next level. At the High Performance Center, we help educate high school student-athletes better understand what they need to become elite performers in their sport.

Student-athletes have access to the same holistic and comprehensive programming, coaching and data assessments as our professional and elite athletes, tailored to their age and skill level, to help them gain a competitive edge. Our team of experts will help high school athletes develop skills and behaviors to take with them on their athletic journey and life.

Learn more about our high school program.

Youth and Club Athletes

Young athletes excel in sports when their physical and mental health is at its peak. The High Performance Center helps youth athletes of all ages and abilities with athletic development and performance to provide the proper foundation and progression to become faster, stronger and better functioning athletes.

We offer young athletes a unique, fun and safe training system where they can reach their full potential. Our youth athletes can train just like the pros but in a holistic environment adjusted to their age and ability. Our team of experts will help youth athletes achieve their goals and educate and empower them with skills and behaviors to take with them on their athletic journey.

Learn more about our youth and club program.

Adult Athletes and Performers

Training isn’t just for athletes – it is for anyone looking to optimize their human performance in a sport, activity, work or life. The High Performance Center offers comprehensive, personalized programs designed for adults, executives and those with busy schedules to help them train smarter and gain optimum results.

Train like a professional athlete. With our full suite of professional services and progressive, sustainable training and nutritional and mental performance programs, you can prepare, perform and recover like a pro.

Learn more about our adult athletes and performers program.


One size does not fit most, and neither should your goals. Whether you are an athlete returning to performance from injury, an athlete transitioning to retirement or a first responder who needs help with the day-to-day challenges of your job, the High Performance Center is here to help tailor a program unique to your needs and personal goals.

Learn more about our specialty programs.

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