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Training isn’t just for athletes - it is for anyone looking to optimize their human performance in a sport, activity, work or life. The Banner Sports Medicine High Performance Center offers comprehensive, personalized programs designed for adults, executives and those with busy schedules to help them train smarter and gain optimum results.

Train like a professional athlete

With our full suite of professional services and progressive, sustainable training and nutrition programs, you can prepare, perform and recover like a pro. We can address all elements of your human performance.

We offer:

The High Performance Center can help you prevent and avoid injuries, thrive in an active lifestyle and compete at the highest levels in your sport or activity. When injuries occur, our team at Banner Sports Medicine works alongside our high performance team to get you back on track.

Why you should choose Banner Sports Medicine High Performance Center

  • Evidence-based training system
  • Expert practitioners and certified coaches with decades of pro and elite sports experience
  • Access to a state-of-the-art training facility, technology-enabled yet humanized for an exceptional, dynamic high performance environment suited to support all activities and skill levels
  • Programs and services on your terms: One-on-one services and semi-private training with expert coaches

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