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Young athletes excel in sports when all aspects of their performance are at their peak. The Banner Sports Medicine High Performance Center helps youth athletes of all ages and abilities with athletic development to provide the proper foundation and progression to become faster, stronger and better-functioning athletes.

Sports performance training is a systematic process of developing a solid athletic foundation of stability, strength, endurance and coordination for competing in sports. With proper integrated training, your child can reduce the risk of injury, improve their athletic potential, improve skills related to their sport and gain a competitive edge.

Why choose the Banner Sports Medicine High Performance Center

The High Performance Center offers young athletes a unique, fun and safe training system and environment to help them reach their full athletic potential.

Our youth and club training program follows a scientifically proven model to identify areas that may limit your child’s performance. We offer programs to improve movement and function, help reduce the risk of injuries and improve athletic development.

Our team of experts will help youth athletes achieve their goals and educate and empower them with skills and behaviors to take with them on their athletic journey.

Here are other reasons the High Performance Center is an unparalleled training environment for youth athletes:

Extensive testing and training

We have a long-term commitment to an athlete’s development and improvement. We consider the athlete’s age, maturation and stage of development and design personalized evidence-based programs with appropriate strategies to set them up for improved success potential.

Youth athlete training addresses:

  • Corrective exercise to address movement dysfunction and help prevent injury 
  • Core, balance and reactive training to create a proper foundation for training
  • Evidence-based functional integrated training for athletic development
  • Speed development, agility, quickness, acceleration and deceleration
  • Energy system development
  • Recovery and regeneration
  • Sports nutrition and mental performance

Variable training options

We offer team training, small group training and individual programs and services.

State-of-the-art training facility

Our youth athletes train just like the pros but in an environment adjusted to their age and ability. We equipped our facility with the same equipment and tools used at the professional and collegiate levels adapted to their unique needs.

Expert team

The High Performance Center team is excited to bring the same experience elite athletes receive to youth athletes. We can help them achieve their goals while educating and empowering them with skills and behaviors they can take to their sport. Our services are competitive, challenging and fun, allowing each athlete to achieve their highest level of performance.

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