Education and Support

Long-term education and support is one of the keys to control your weight, keep it off and improve your health. Our team of nurse practitioners, registered dietitians, bariatric surgeons and customer service representatives are here to answer your questions on weight loss and bariatric surgery.

Life Changes with Bariatric Surgery

You already know that bariatric surgery is the first step to dramatic weight loss. You should also be aware that your life will change in almost every other way:

  • What and when you eat will have to change – forever.
  • Because staying healthy depends on exercise as well as healthy eating, you’ll have to learn and commit to regular exercise.
  • Your body will look and feel different, and you will have to adjust to it.
  • You may feel confused for a while about your self-image and role.

Losing weight with bariatric surgery is a lifetime investment. An investment that is well worth the commitment. Weight loss will make you healthier. It can also give you the confidence of having overcome a major obstacle in your life.

Bariatric Surgery Information Sessions

Find out if surgical weight loss is the right choice for you by attending one of our free information sessions taught by our surgeons and staff members. Our free information sessions are offered at Banner Estrella Weight Loss Center, Banner Gateway Weight Loss Center and Banner – University Medicine Metabolic and Bariatric Center. 

Find a free information session by you.

Patient Support Groups

We know that change can be difficult. That’s why our Weight Loss Centers provide lifelong support for our weight-loss surgery patients. Our support groups are open to all weight-loss surgery patients no matter who your surgeon is or where you had your surgery. Whether you are pre-op or post-op, you are welcome to attend our warm and welcoming meetings.

Topics include:

  • Peer Support Group
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise Support
  • Q and A Sessions
  • And More.

Find a support group near you. 

Weight Loss App

We offer a free Weight Loss app so provide you with even more support and guidance on your weight loss journey! This app provides you with a checklist for you to follow throughout your weight loss journey as well as healthy recipe ideas to try along the way! It also allows you to ask our dieticians any questions you may have about nutrition so that you can stay on track and reach your goal!

This app also provides:

  • Weight tracker
  • Timeline option that allows you to upload photos to see your progress
  • Profiles for our providers
  • Information about the services we provide
  • Calendar of events and support groups
  • Online appointment scheduling

This app is available on Google Play and iTunes! Just search for: Banner Gateway Medical Center.