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Bone Health in Women

Why Is Bone Health Important for Women?

While bone health is important for everyone, maintaining healthy bones is especially important for women. This is because women tend to develop osteoporosis more than men, especially during menopause. Women have less bone tissue than men and about 80% of Americans with osteoporosis are women.

Risk Factors of Women's Bone Loss and Osteoporosis

The risk factors for bone loss and osteoporosis in women include:

  • Menopause, due to bone density and estrogen levels dropping during this time
  • Natural aging, due to bone calcium and minerals dropping, which makes bones thinner
  • Medications that prevent calcium absorption, such as anticoagulants and blood thinners

Be sure to talk with your doctor about any risk factors you may have for bone loss or if you have any concerns based on your personal health history.

Prevention of Bone Loss and Osteoporosis

There are a few ways to be preventative about bone loss and osteoporosis in women, such as:

  • Getting more sleep
  • Performing muscle strengthening exercises
  • Eating high calcium foods or adding a supplement to your daily diet
  • Avoiding falls

Bone Health Testing and Diagnosis

For women aged 65 or older or those who have risk factors for bone loss, Banner Health offers DEXA Bone Densitometry scans to measure your bone density and see how strong your bones are. DEXA tests are very similar to x-rays and should be performed every few years to prevent bone fractures and disability.

Tips for Keeping Your Bones Strong

While older women are more at risk for bone loss or osteoporosis, it’s never too early to begin bone care. To maintain your bone health and strength, you can:

  • Include plenty of calcium and vitamin D into your diet
  • Include daily physical activity to build strong bones
  • Avoid drinking and smoking

Whether it’s to be preventative or help manage your osteoporosis, the world-renowned staff at Banner Health is here to help with your women's bone health needs.