What is an Oral Fibroma (And Is It This Bump in My Mouth)?
Have you ever had a hard, smooth bump or lump inside your mouth that just won’t go away? For those who have, it can be more than a little irritating, and...
Oct 21
For Seniors: A Checklist for Good Health
Staying healthy is important at any age, but for seniors, it is even more important for living a long, happy and active life. Here is a quick checklist...
Oct 18
Tardive Dyskinesia: A Common Culprit of Face and Body Tics
Smacking your lips without realizing it. Excessively blinking your eyes. Making unusual faces. Making repetitive, spastic, involuntary movements with your...
Oct 17
La Importancia de las Vacunas Contra la Influenza Cuando Tienes Una Enfermedad Cardíaca
He aquí una estadística relevante que probablemente desconozcas: casi la mitad de los adultos hospitalizados debido a la influenza (o gripe) también tienen...
Oct 15
Nerve Transfer Surgery: When and Why You Might Need It
If you were to take all the nerves in your body’s nervous system, stretch them out and place them end to end, they’d be more than 40 miles long. That’s...
Oct 13
These 4 Simple Tips Can Help You Avoid Food Poisoning at Home
Food poisoning isn’t something you want to mess with. Hours or days after eating unsafe food, you can develop an upset stomach, stomach cramps, nausea,...
Oct 08
Is Nighttime Mouth Breathing Affecting Your Health?
Our bodies don’t have off buttons, which means a lot can happen while we sleep. Although you may not remember it in the morning, you could feel the effects...
Oct 03
La COVID-19 y la Influenza: Conoce los Síntomas
La COVID019 sigue presente y desafortunadamente, ya se avecina la temporada de la influenza. No es posible hacer una predicción definitiva de lo que ocurrirá...
Sep 10
What You Should Know About Quercetin
Let’s talk about quercetin. Maybe you’ve heard it mentioned in discussions about cancer or COVID-19.  This natural ingredient can help your overall health....
Sep 09
Mitos y Realidades de la Influenza
Durante plena temporada de influenza, es crucial que te mantengas al día con la información acerca de la influenza y las vacunas contra la influenza. A...
Sep 09 2
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