4 Things You Can Do if You Have an Asthma Attack Without Your Inhaler
Let’s get one thing straight upfront — if you have asthma, you should always have your inhaler within reach. The medication in the inhaler works quickly...
Mar 22
Why You Should Never Sleep with Your Contact Lenses In
If your vision isn’t perfect, you might hate that moment when you wake up in the morning. As you open your eyes, everything is fuzzy or blurry, and the...
Mar 20
Is It Your Appendix or Your Gallbladder Causing That Pain?
It happens all of a sudden—severe pain strikes in your abdomen. You’re not sure what caused it, but you know something isn’t right. You may wonder if there’s...
Mar 16
ACL Surgery: These Steps Will Help Your Knee Heal as Quickly as Possible
Maybe you’re playing a sport when it happens — you hear a pop, and then your knee feels painful and unstable. You’ve torn your anterior cruciate ligament...
Mar 15
Could Long QT Syndrome Be What’s Causing You to Faint?
If you’re prone to fainting, you’ll want to figure out what’s going on so you can take steps to treat the cause. After all, you’re at risk of falling and...
Mar 14
How Vagus Nerve Stimulation Can Treat Epilepsy, Depression and Stroke
Your vagus nerve is one of your body’s most important nerves.  It starts in your brainstem and extends throughout your body, sending signals back and forth...
Mar 09
Why You Might Have Fluid on the Knee and How to Treat It
When your knees are healthy, they’ll have a small amount of fluid in them. That fluid helps lubricate your knee joint, so it moves smoothly and without...
Mar 07
Why You Should Never Tape Your Mouth Closed When You Sleep
You may have seen social media posts that hype the benefits of mouth taping. If their claims are to be believed, taping your mouth closed—so you have to...
Mar 06
Eat These 6 Foods to Keep Your Liver Healthy and Happy
When you think of ways to keep your liver healthy, your mind probably jumps to drinking less alcohol. And while it’s true that alcohol is linked with liver...
Mar 03
Your New Baby Has a Birthmark. Should You Be Worried?
As a new parent, you probably check over your baby’s skin from head to toe. You may notice birthmarks, which are areas on the skin that are discolored...
Mar 02
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