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Pencils Down! What Does a Cognitive Test Measure?
*Flashback to the day of your SAT exam* Your foot taps the floor in time with the ticking of the classroom clock. You’re wiping nervous sweat off your...
Oct 16
Caring for Loved Ones with Frontotemporal Degeneration
It’s estimated that between 50,000 and 60,000 people in the U.S. suffer from frontotemporal degeneration (FTD). FTD is not a single disease. It covers...
Oct 06
Ayudando a las personas mayores con enfermedades mentales a sobrellevar el aislamiento pandémico
Al final de un día ajetreado, una pequeña separación del trabajo o de tus hijos puede ser justo lo que el médico te recomendó. Incluso, mientras estás...
Oct 05
7 Tips for Coping with Sundowner’s Syndrome
As the sun begins to set, have you noticed changes in a loved one’s behavior? For those living with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, it’s...
Jul 17
Proporcionando Cuidados y la Demencia: Manejando la Pérdida y el Duelo Ambiguo
Tu ser querido está ahí, pero no está ahí. Puede estar sentado junto a ti, tomado de tu mano, mirándote a los ojos, pero en realidad, no está del todo...
Jun 01
Cuidando de Personas con la Enfermedad de Alzheimer en Medio de la Crisis de la COVID-19
Vivir con la enfermedad de Alzheimer (en inglés) o cualquier otra forma de demencia ya es lo suficientemente difícil. Si agregamos el estrés de una pandemia...
Apr 24
Memory Loss: Is It Normal Aging Or Dementia?
We’ve all done it.  We can’t find our keys, wallet or phone.  We know someone’s name but just can’t recall it. We walk into a room and forget why we’re...
Feb 03
Is Medical Marijuana Right For Dementia Patients?
Medical marijuana is all the rage these days.  You’ve undoubtedly seen claims about how it can help with pain, sleep, chronic diseases and much more. ...
Jan 26
Creating Dementia Friendly Communities
The City of Surprise is Arizona's second Dementia Friendly City, which offers services every two weeks to people living with dementia and their loved ones....
Nov 19
Planning Ahead For Alzheimer’s And Related Dementia Care
Did you make an unrealistic promise to your mom you would never put her in a care facility? Or perhaps you agreed to care for your dad regardless of how...
Nov 14