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Age Spots or Skin Cancer? Here’s How to Tell the Difference
You look at the back of your hand, or your neck, or even your leg and there it is—a spot you’ve never seen before. Could it be skin cancer? Or is it a...
May 05
How You Can Prevent and Treat Unsightly Acne Scars
Fighting acne is bad enough—you try to keep your skin clear, but you can’t seem to stay ahead of the breakouts. And to make matters worse, those breakouts...
Mar 18
Dermaplaning: What to Know About This Soft Skin Treatment
While men have gotten a straight razor face shave at their local barber for centuries, now everyone can benefit from baby smooth skin with a popular –...
Mar 09
Hyperhidrosis: The Reason Your Palms and Pits May Be So Sweaty
We’ve all been there. You’re about to speak before your class or a group, and your hands start to sweat; your armpits begin to perspire. While this is...
Dec 22
Acne Care Dos and Don’ts
We always hear, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts” and “beauty is only skin deep.” Yes, our character—what’s inside—is more meaningful, but if you’re...
Aug 02
Why Do Some People Bruise More Than Others?
When you’re playing a game of basketball, elbows get thrown, people get boxed out and the charges are taken. You go home a little worse for wear but smiling...
Jul 30
What to Know if You Are a Mosquito Magnet
Is there anything more satisfying that scratching a bug bite? It’s the same feeling of fleeting relief that comes from supersizing your fries, buying a...
Jul 18
Are Those Whiteheads Actually Milia?
Have you recently noticed a cluster of white bumps taking refuge on your face? Whatever you do, don’t squeeze them. Those pesky little bumps aren’t whiteheads,...
Jul 03
Contact Dermatitis: Triggers and Treatment
Are you concerned about a patch of red, itchy, swelling skin? It could be contact dermatitis. “It may sound alarming, but ‘dermatitis’ is just the medical...
Jun 20
Are Collagen Supplements a Fountain of Youth?
It’s no secret that as we age, many of us try to reduce and slow the signs of aging. Whether it’s with diet, exercise, vitamins, or more aesthetic means,...
Jun 02