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5 Maneras de Mantener Tus Pies Sanos Si Tienes Diabetes
Si tienes diabetes (en inglés), debes empezar por cuidar bien de tus pies. Esto se debe a que la diabetes puede ocasionar daños a los nervios y con ello,...
Oct 06
How to Slow Down the Signs of Aging on Your Skin
When you were younger, you may have had smooth, flawless skin. Now you look at your children, and you see that skin you remember from your youth on their...
Aug 14
5 Warning Signs of Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) in Children
Children with diabetes may face obstacles from time to time when it comes to managing and living with diabetes. One such obstacle they may face is diabetic...
Jun 17
The Diabetes and Stroke Connection: Tips to Reduce Your Risk
In the two minutes it takes you to scan this article, an American adult with diabetes will be hospitalized for a stroke. In fact, according to the Centers...
Apr 29
How a Continuous Glucose Monitor Can Help Control Your Diabetes
If you have diabetes, you know how important it is to keep a close eye on your blood glucose levels. A continuous glucose monitor (CGM) could help you...
Mar 28
Is Your Blood Sugar Stable? Why 'Glycemic Variability' Matters
Eat a bagel? Your blood sugar level goes up, then down. Go for a walk? Your blood sugar level drops. Fight with your son about homework (again)? You guessed...
Mar 13
Diabetes and Braces: Tips to Help Your Child Manage Blood Sugar and Prevent Gum Disease
Is it time for your child to get braces? Whether they are dealing with crooked teeth, overcrowding or cross-bites, it’s a common rite of passage for many...
Mar 06
Seniors with Diabetes: Here’s the Best Way to Plan Your Meals
If you have diabetes, as you get older it can be tough to make sure your meals give you the nutrition you need—and the flavors you want—while keeping your...
Feb 08
Medication Safety Tips for Older Adults with Diabetes
Insulin and medications are an important part of diabetes management. But if you are an older adult with diabetes, particularly if you have mental or physical...
Jan 26
A1c: Why This Critical Blood Measurement Is So Significant
If you have diabetes or you’re at risk for developing diabetes, your doctor might recommend a hemoglobin A1c test. It’s a blood test that gives you an...
Jan 03