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6 Things to Know About the ADA’s New Updates on Diabetes Care
Chances are you know someone with diabetes. Today, the number of people with diabetes is higher than it has ever been — and it’s not just your grandparents....
Dec 27
Metformin: Important Things Every Diabetic Should Know
This year marks 65 years since the first clinical use of metformin to treat diabetes — one of the OG (original) diabetes drugs.  Today, it’s a first-line...
Sep 23
La verdad sobre las grasas: las buenas, las malas y las peores para tu salud
¿Qué piensas cuando oyes la palabra “grasa”? A la mayoría de nosotros no nos gusta esta palabra de cinco letras. Hay muchas actitudes, emociones y opiniones...
Jul 19
Your Doctor Says You Have Prediabetes. Here’s What to Know Now
If your doctor diagnoses you with prediabetes, you may have a range of thoughts swirling through your mind. Is getting diabetes just a matter of time now?...
Jul 13 1
5 Things You Should Know About Peripheral Neuropathy
At one time or another, you’ve probably had numbness and tingling in your hands and feet after sleeping with your arm folded under your head or sitting...
Jun 23
Desde tus ojos hasta los dedos de tus pies, 8 maneras en que la diabetes puede dañar tu salud
Si eres uno de los millones de estadounidenses (en inglés) que tienen diabetes (en inglés), te querrás asegurar de que la mantengas bien controlada. Aunque...
Jun 14 5
Why Your Doctor Might Want You to Wear Compression Socks
Compression socks or compression stockings are tightly fitting knee-high socks that can help your blood flow. They lightly squeeze your legs, making it...
May 31
11 Tips to Help Older Adults Maintain a Healthy Bladder
Bladder health is a topic most people know little about. Unfortunately, many wait until symptoms begin to appear before taking action. We spoke with David...
Apr 29
Insulin Resistance: Do I Have It? (And How Is It Different Than Diabetes?)
If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s change. Indeed, things don’t stay the same forever, including our bodies. A common result of our bodies changing...
Mar 22
These Expert Strategies Make It Easy to Travel With Your Medication
If you routinely take medication, it can feel daunting to travel, especially by plane. But don’t let the hassles of managing your medication while you...
Dec 14 2