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Earwax: Three Reasons To Put Down The Cotton Swab
Although gross, something is satisfying about cleaning your ears of wax. It is so fascinating for some that its YouTube channels, such as The Wax Whisperer...
Jan 10
Ringing In Your Ears? How To Make It Stop.
After a rock concert, you may leave the venue and yell to your friends all the way to the car about how great the encore was. For a couple of days after...
Dec 25
Should I Have My Tonsils Taken Out?
Are you suffering from recurring tonsillitis or having difficulty swallowing or breathing? You may need those little things in the back of your throat...
Nov 27 1
Todo sobre los ronquidos: ¿qué puede hacer?
Ronquidos. O roncamos o conocemos alguien que ronque. Y seamos sinceros: no es la cosa más halagüeña. Tanto si es usted como si es su pareja, es bueno...
Jul 24
Cómo reconocer y tratar una infección sinusal
¿Alguna vez se ha preguntado para qué sirven los senos paranasales además de congestionarse cuando tiene un resfrío? Usted debe pensar que las cavidades...
Feb 20
Ins And Outs Of Ear Infections
Ear infections can be pretty painful and annoying, especially for children. If your child has ever had an ear infection, you'll know what we mean. But,...
Feb 14 1