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Treating and Preventing Achilles Tendon Injuries
In Greek mythology, Achilles’ mother, Thetis, dipped him in the River Styxx as an infant in order to give him the power of invulnerability. But Thetis...
Jul 29
Don’t Let Heel Pain Get You Down
As bipedal creatures, for more than 200,000 years (give or take) we’ve depended on our two feet to take us places—our first steps and first dance, across...
Jul 27
Did You Pull a Hammy? Here’s What You Should Know
One minute your favorite football player is running for a touchdown, the next they are crumbled on the ground grabbing the back of their leg. Looks like...
Jul 16
How Long Will My Joint Replacement Last?
Just like classic cars, your original joints, motors and components can only be maintained for so long. Even the healthiest people can experience degeneration...
Jul 02
Seis Aspectos a Considerar Antes de Regresar a los Deportes Juveniles
Con el levantamiento de las órdenes de permanecer en casa a lo largo y ancho del país, algunos jugadores y sus entrenadores están ansiosos por volver al...
Jun 24
Trabajando desde Casa: Sugerencias para Evitar el Dolor Articular
¿El coronavirus (COVID-19) te tiene compitiendo con tu familia por el espacio dentro tu hogar para trabajar, aprender o simplemente pensar? No estás solo. Tener...
May 04
I Have Knee Arthritis: Is Surgery My Only Option?
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), arthritis affects 23% of all adults, making the condition one of the most common ailments...
May 02
Does My Child Have a Broken Bone? Here’s How to Tell.
As parents, we want our kids to be active and healthy, whether they’re playing on the monkey bars, skateboarding, jumping on the trampoline or playing...
Apr 26
Four Ways to Feel “Hip” at Every Age
When it comes to hitting a golf ball further or running faster, some say, “it’s all in the hips.” Turns out, this may be true. The hips are in the middle...
Apr 10
Is Your Desk Job Killing You?
Thousands of years ago, we didn’t have buildings, cars, food delivery services or any of the modern conveniences we take for granted today. We woke up...
Mar 14