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Can You Burn Fat and Gain Muscle at the Same Time?
Trying to lose weight yet gain chiseled abs and muscles? Even though you’ve been watching what you eat, hitting the gym and lifting weights, the numbers...
Jun 16
13-Year-Old Undergoes Weight Loss Surgery
Just a couple months after the American Academy of Pediatrics issued its report endorsing bariatric surgery for adolescents as young as 13 who are living...
Mar 03
Adult Performance Supplements: Are They Safe?
Have you ever tried a performance supplement? If you drink coffee or soda, the answer is “yes,” according to Steven Erickson, MD, a sports medicine specialist...
Feb 26
Do I Have a Thyroid Condition? What Should I Do?
Your thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland that sits at the front of your neck in between your larynx and trachea. It is a critical part of your anatomy....
Jan 05
Make The Most Of Your New Wearable
With the push of a button, today’s wearable devices provide us with more information about our bodies than ever before. This technology can help you make...
Dec 18
Weight Loss Apps – Are They Healthy for Kids?
Today’s American children and teens are growing up behind screens. Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or computer, American kids between the ages of 8 and...
Dec 12
Descodificación de la dieta
Con el nuevo año recién comenzando, comprendemos la emoción por fijarse nuevos objetivos. Trabajar en pos de un objetivo específico puede ayudar a las...
Jan 07 1
Dieta baja en grasa
¿Qué es? Una dieta baja en grasa se basa en consumir una cantidad moderada a alta de carbohidratos, una cantidad moderada de proteínas y poca grasa....
Jan 04 1
Dieta Atkins
¿Qué es? La dieta Atkins se centra en consumir muy pocos carbohidratos, una cantidad moderada de grasa y muchas proteínas. A causa de la falta de carbohidratos,...
Jan 04 2
Dieta baja en calorías
¿Qué es? Una dieta baja en calorías se centra en la limitación extrema de alimentos y calorías. Una dieta como esta generalmente constan de entre 800...
Jan 04