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What You Need To Prepare For Open Enrollment
For many, health insurance can confuse and frustrate, but it doesn’t have to. In fact, with a little prep work, open enrollment for health insurance can...
Oct 27 3
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How To Protect Yourself From The Devastating West Nile Virus
With wet summer weather, mosquitoes thrive. And, as the mosquito populations increase, so does the risk of people contracting West Nile virus, a serious...
Jun 28 1
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How Technology Helps To Find Concussions Quickly
Imagine your child playing a game of tag with some of her neighborhood pals. She turns a corner and runs head first into one of her friends. After a few...
Jun 27
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What Your Poop Is Telling You
The human body is an amazing machine, but admittedly, it can do some gross things. For example, bowel movements. Nasty, right? However, it’s a part of...
May 23
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How Serious Is Aortic Stenosis And Do You Need To Worry?
You know how important your heart is and the importance of doing what you can to take care of your heart to keep it happily beating well into your old...
May 03
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Bad Bug Bite? When You Should See A Doctor.
Bees, wasps, spiders, mosquitoes and scorpions are just a few of the insects known for bites and stings. When one of these creepy crawlies bites or stings...
May 01 1
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How To Get The Most From Your Child's IEP
Caring for a child with a developmental delay or disability can take a lot of energy, but the love a child gives makes it totally worth it. You want to...
Apr 23
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The Importance Of Advance Care Planning
Advance care planning sounds like some new-fangled treatment you can get from your doctor. However, it’s a collection of important decisions you need to...
Apr 16
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All You Need To Know About Neti Pot Safety
Occasionally, a doctor may recommend using a neti pot to help with allergies, sinus infections or congestion. A neti pot is a small tea-pot shaped vessel...
Mar 20
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What New Parents Need To Know About Roseola
Parents of young children should know what roseola is. While roseola does not have lasting effects, it can make parents worry. Also known as sixth disease,...
Mar 19
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