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Can Cold Weather Cause Heart Attacks?
“Baby, it’s cold outside,” and that could increase your risk of a heart attack. Surprised by this fact? “For approximately every 20-degree decrease in...
Feb 18
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Myths And Facts About Miscarriages
The early days and weeks of pregnancy can be daunting. You’re experiencing new feelings and symptoms, often while keeping family and friends in the dark...
Jan 20
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What Is A Retinal Artery Occlusion?
When you think of a stroke, you’re likely thinking of a cerebral stroke, when either a blood vessel in (or around) the brain bursts or when a blood clot...
Jan 13
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Uh Oh, Your Child Swallowed Something: What Do You Do?
If you have a young child, you know how curious your little one is about everything. Because most young children identify objects through taste, anything...
Jan 11
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Is It Time For A Knee Replacement?
Will you be having one of the most common elective surgeries in the coming new year? Knee replacements, along with hip replacements, are the most common...
Jan 08
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Ovarian Cysts: Causes And Treatments
You may have heard about ovarian cysts from a friend, or maybe you’ve even had them yourself. But do you know what causes them, possible treatment options,...
Jan 06
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Do I Have a Thyroid Condition? What Should I Do?
Your thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland that sits at the front of your neck in between your larynx and trachea. It is a critical part of your anatomy....
Jan 05
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What You Need to Know About Shingles
If you’ve ever known someone who’s had shingles, then you’ve heard how painful it can be. But what exactly are shingles, and how do you treat it? “Shingles,...
Jan 01
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Wedding Planning Stress? Don’t Let It Get You Down
Congratulations on your engagement! The time before your wedding can be one of the sweetest, with lots of congratulatory wishes, celebrations and, of course,...
Dec 28
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Is it Time to Seek Couples Counseling?
“A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.” This quote, from...
Dec 27
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