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What is a Baker’s Cyst? (Hint: It Has Nothing to Do with Baking)
Have you ever heard of a condition called a Baker’s cyst? If you haven’t, it’s okay. Let’s just say it doesn’t have anything to do with baking. A Baker’s...
Feb 26
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Electrocardiograms (EKGs): When You Need Them and When You Don’t
Has your heart ever skipped a beat or fluttered? There are a lot of odd things that our heart can do when we are stressed, scared and even in love. But...
Feb 25
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Mastitis: What Every New Nursing Mom Needs to Know
Breastfeeding for the first time can bring up lots of questions and worries for new moms, like how you should nurse the baby, how do you keep your milk...
Feb 24
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Is Low Acid Coffee Better for a Sensitive Stomach?
While a spot of tea is a morning habit for many across the pond, coffee is the “fresh part of waking up” for Americans. We drink three times as much coffee...
Feb 23
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Pandemic Breaking Point: Working Moms Are Not Okay
Being a working parent is hard, but especially for moms. There’s a lot of pressure to do it all and do it perfectly. It can be exhausting and futile, which...
Feb 22
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5 Drug-Free Ways to Combat Migraine Headaches Head-On
If you are a regular migraine sufferer, you know what a beast they can be. They can affect every aspect of your life—from spending time with family to...
Feb 20
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5 Common Myths About COPD (Hint: There’s Help)
Think of your lungs as balloons. When you’re healthy, those balloons expand and contract as you breathe in and out. But for those with diseased lungs,...
Feb 19
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10 Signs You’re in a Toxic Friendship and What to Do About It
A friend is someone you’re close to, who you can count on, laugh with, cry with and share memories with. Your BFF, your bestie or your pal. No matter the...
Feb 18
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Are Air Fryers Healthier or Just a Bunch of Hot Air?
When you hear the word “fried” in connection with your food, you don’t typically associate it with healthy choices. As we know, eating a diet high in saturated...
Feb 16
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COVID-19 Vaccines: 6 Vaccine Myths Explained
It’s been a year since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and there seems to be a slight glimmer of hope in 2021 with COVID-19 vaccines rolling out to...
Feb 15
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Regan Olsson

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Regan Olsson is a freelance writer and editor, who specializes in nonprofit, fundraising and healthcare-related content for both print and digital mediums. Regan has worked in both for-profit and nonprofit industries serving in various marketing communications roles. She has a master’s in health communications and enjoys researching and developing copy that enlightens and empowers others. The mother of two and a proud spouse of a Marine veteran, Regan enjoys traveling with her family, reading mystery novels and sipping margaritas on the beach.