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Atypical vs. Typical: Recognizing the Signs of a Heart Attack
Chest pains … They’re complicated. Many of us have experienced that moment: a twinge or uncomfortable strain in our chests after lifting weights or an...
May 08
Teach Me
Know the Glow: Your Eyes Can Detect a Rare Childhood Cancer
Nowadays our smartphone cameras are on hand for every one of our children’s firsts—from rolling over and walking to first words and first days of school....
May 06
Advise Me
First Period: What Products Does Your Tween/Teen Really Need
You’ve had the birds and bees and puberty conversations, gotten shaving down, purchased her first bras and now the countdown begins to your daughter’s...
May 03
Better Me
Does My Baby Have Acid Reflux or Pyloric Stenosis?
Spitting up is common in healthy babies. It’s why we have bibs and burp cloths, right? But what if your baby isn’t just spitting up—they’re projectile...
May 02
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Want Better Relationships? Learn How to Fight Fair with These Tips
There’s this terrible rumor out there. You’ve probably read it somewhere or seen it on TV. It’s that happy couples don’t fight. The truth is every relationship...
Apr 30
Teach Me
The Diabetes and Stroke Connection: Tips to Reduce Your Risk
In the two minutes it takes you to scan this article, an American adult with diabetes will be hospitalized for a stroke. In fact, according to the Centers...
Apr 29
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First Aid Kit Essentials and Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves
As a mom, usually a Band-Aid and a kiss can make any child’s ouchie better, but it’s still important to be ready for any of life’s ups and downs, sprains...
Apr 26
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​​6 Tech Products to Improve Your Well-Being and Wellness
Over the last year, we’ve spent a lot of time at home. While this has helped slow the spread of COVID-19, it’s left some disconnected, unmotivated, more...
Apr 24
Better Me
PCOS: What is It and Why is It So Hard to Diagnose?
It’s one thing to feel like a hormonal teenager when you’re, well, a teenager, but you’ve been an adult now for a while—so what’s up with the irregular...
Apr 23
Teach Me
Are You Getting Enough Iron in Your Diet?
Iron is an important mineral in your body, but chances are many of us aren’t getting enough. Iron is necessary for many important functions, from growth...
Apr 22
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Regan Olsson

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Regan Olsson is a freelance writer and editor, who specializes in nonprofit, fundraising and healthcare-related content for both print and digital mediums. Regan has worked in both for-profit and nonprofit industries serving in various marketing communications roles. She has a master’s in health communications and enjoys researching and developing copy that enlightens and empowers others. The mother of two and a proud spouse of a Marine veteran, Regan enjoys traveling with her family, reading mystery novels and sipping margaritas on the beach.