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What Is a Low-Fat Diet and Is It Right for You?
If you’ve considered losing weight, you may have thought about cutting fats with a low-fat diet. There are some fats out there that are bad for your health....
Aug 13 1
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Six Ways to Sneak Self-Care Into Your Busy Life
For many of us, life moves pretty fast these days. With a packed schedule every day – working long hours, taking care of children (even elderly parents),...
Aug 12
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The Whole30 Diet: Pros, Cons and What to Eat on This Diet
Did you overdo it with food and alcohol over the holiday season? Or are you seeing the effects unhealthy foods are having on your waistline and health?...
Aug 10 1
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Hospital Bag Checklist, What to Pack for Labor and Delivery
Planning to welcome your new baby soon? Chances are you’re getting things ready to welcome them into the world – baby’s room and crib, their car seat and...
Aug 08
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Atkins Diet: The Pros and Cons Behind This Low-Carb Diet
Butter, bacon and beef. You don’t often see these three items together on a weight loss plan, but they are A-OK (in moderation, of course!) on the low-carb,...
Aug 07 2
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Reduced-Calorie Diet: Pros, Cons and a Basic Guide
Many people start a new diet because they’re struggling with their unhealthy eating habits. If you’re looking to make changes to your diet and improve...
Aug 04
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Do You Have Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)? Here’s What to Know
Your cardiovascular system plays an important role of moving blood with oxygen and nutrients to all parts of your body. With your heart as a pump, blood...
Aug 02
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DASH Diet, an Eating Plan to Help Lower High Blood Pressure
When it comes to spicing up a meal, just a dash of spice may do. When it comes to lowering your blood pressure, sometimes just a DASH will do as well—The...
Aug 01 4
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Am I Having a Panic Attack? Signs and How to Cope
It’s just a typical day at work. You’re typing away at your computer, when out of the blue your hands begin to tremble, your heart races and you begin...
Jul 26
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Intussusception: A Common Cause of Abdominal Emergency in Children
Tummy aches, or abdominal pains, are common in early childhood. Many times, when your little one has a stomachache, you can chalk it up to a stomach bug,...
Jul 24
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Regan Olsson

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