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7 Tips for Coping with Sundowner’s Syndrome
As the sun begins to set, have you noticed changes in a loved one’s behavior? For those living with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, it’s...
Jul 17
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Caregiving and Dementia: Navigating Ambiguous Loss and Grief
Your loved one is there but not there. They may be sitting right next to you, holding your hand, looking into your eyes, but they really aren’t there in...
Jun 01
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Caring for Persons with Alzheimer’s Disease Amid the COVID-19 Crisis
Living with Alzheimer’s or any form of dementia is difficult enough. Add the stress of a global pandemic to the mix and you’re bound to have a few more...
Apr 24
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Memory Loss: Is It Normal Aging Or Dementia?
We’ve all done it.  We can’t find our keys, wallet or phone.  We know someone’s name but just can’t recall it. We walk into a room and forget why we’re...
Feb 03
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Is Medical Marijuana Right For Dementia Patients?
Medical marijuana is all the rage these days.  You’ve undoubtedly seen claims about how it can help with pain, sleep, chronic diseases and much more. ...
Jan 26
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Creating Dementia Friendly Communities
The City of Surprise is Arizona's second Dementia Friendly City, which offers services every two weeks to people living with dementia and their loved ones....
Nov 19
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Planning Ahead For Alzheimer’s And Related Dementia Care
Did you make an unrealistic promise to your mom you would never put her in a care facility? Or perhaps you agreed to care for your dad regardless of how...
Nov 14
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Millennial Caregivers Now Care For Their Parents
Millennials are caring for parents or other family members at much higher levels than ever before, facing a juggling act between growing careers, young...
Nov 13
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Bedside Stories: Changing The Timeline
Bernice Campbell has seen many family members impacted by Alzheimer’s disease, so now this 57-year-old grandmother is doing her part to help researchers...
Apr 29
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When Is Normal Aging Really Something Serious?
Senior moments: We joke about them on television and in movies, and we may kid older friends and family about them once in a while. Some of these moments...
Aug 07 1