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What to Know About the Worrisome Link Between Stress and Stroke
If you need another reason to get your stress levels under control, here’s one—high stress is correlated with an increased risk of stroke. Research has...
May 05
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Want Better Relationships? Learn How to Fight Fair with These Tips
There’s this terrible rumor out there. You’ve probably read it somewhere or seen it on TV. It’s that happy couples don’t fight. The truth is every relationship...
Apr 30
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How to Evaluate the Pros and Cons of 6 Top Anxiety Medications
It’s normal to be anxious sometimes, whether it be from speaking in front of a crowd, taking an airplane flight or going on a job interview, all can trigger...
Apr 28
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Use These 4 Proven Strategies to Help Teens Learn Accountability
If you have an adolescent in your life, you’ve probably heard them say, “It’s not my fault!” more than once. And maybe you’ve snapped back, “Of course...
Apr 21
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Does My Child Have Sensory Processing Disorder?
Have you noticed your child seems extra clumsy? Do they freak out about their socks and certain clothes? Do they react negatively to noise and bright lights? It’s...
Apr 10
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How to Recognize Your Meta-Emotions and Learn from Them
We all have meta-emotions, which are emotions about emotions, or feelings about feelings. Say you feel sad because you can’t see your parents during the...
Mar 31
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Talking to Children About Mass Violence: An age-by-age guide for parents
School violence, mass shootings and terrorist attacks.  It feels like every time we open our social media apps or listen and watch the news, individuals,...
Mar 29
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Think the World Is Out to Get You? It Could Be Victim Mentality
Sometimes, you probably feel like the world is conspiring against you. Maybe you go to the grocery store and they’re out of your kids’ favorite pasta sauce....
Mar 27
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How to Help Your Child Break Out of the Perfectionist Trap
Whether it’s acing their Spanish test, taking the shot on goal that wins the game or nailing Mozart’s Flute Concerto #1, you want your children to try...
Mar 21
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How to Spot the Narcissists in Your Life
Just about all of us show some narcissistic traits, some of the time—we crave attention, put our own needs first, or think we are special. Teenagers in...
Mar 14