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Navigating Healing: A Guide to Reparenting in Therapy
As a child, you may not have received the care, support and understanding you needed from your parents. You may have faced challenges that left lasting...
February 16
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The Unexpected Ways Being in Love Can Be Good for Your Health
You probably know it feels good to have strong, healthy relationships with a partner and other loved ones. Love can be a powerful force in our lives. But...
February 11
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Understanding the 'Ick': Exploring Uncomfortable Feelings in Relationships
You and your partner seemed to be getting along just fine. And then, suddenly, it happens — the ick. Your partner says or does something that you find...
February 09
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How to Help Your Teen With Special Needs Transition to Adult Health Care
The journey from childhood to adulthood is a period of immense growth, self-discovery and new responsibilities. One significant change is the move from...
January 22
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Empty Nest Syndrome: Adjusting After Your Children Leave Home
As a parent, you face times when dealing with your kids can be a challenge while they’re living at home.  Maybe your baby isn’t sleeping through the night,...
January 19
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How to Spot the Emotional Clutter in Your Life and Find Ways to Clear It
You have a work project that you haven't finished yet, plus another one to work on after that. In addition, you have to plan and prepare for your child's...
January 08
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How Support Groups Can Help With Suicide Loss
Losing someone close to you is always hard. When it happens because of suicide, the pain and grief can be incredibly tough to understand. It’s not just...
December 31
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Eggshell Parenting: What to Do When Your Child Is Walking on Eggshells
Parenting is like walking on a tightrope. It’s a delicate balancing act between providing guidance and fostering independence, setting boundaries while...
December 22
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How to Help Teen Athletes Overcome Sudden Performance Anxiety
Simone Biles might be the most high-profile athlete to draw attention to the link between mental health and athletic performance. Biles withdrew from several...
December 22
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The Impact Diabetes Can Make on Your Emotional Health
When you have diabetes, there’s a lot you have to manage. You’re monitoring your blood glucose, taking your medication and seeing your doctor. You’re paying...
December 17