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COVID-19: How to Keep Good Habits and Kick Bad Ones to the Curb
When stay-at-home orders were in place, did you integrate some new healthy habits, such as eating better, exercising more and being more productive? Or...
Aug 03
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COVID-19: How to Help Your Child Navigate This New Normal
Frozen 2 came out in 2019, and with any great Disney movie—especially the princess ones—it included Elsa’s epic ballad, “Into the Unknown.” While at the...
Jul 22
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Navigating Postpartum Depression During COVID-19
For many new moms, those first few weeks and months of caring for your newborn can leave you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and sleep deprived. But, add...
Jul 09
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Has COVID-19 Created Conflict in Your Relationship?
When you got married, you may have thought the biggest form of contention in your relationship might be finances or child rearing—but then COVID-19 weaseled...
Jul 08
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Does My Child Have PANS/PANDAS?
One moment you have a healthy, happy-go-lucky, carefree child. Then suddenly, seemingly overnight, your child wakes up a different person. They are moody,...
Jun 30
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Signs You Are in A Codependent Relationship
In healthy relationships, there is an equal give and take—keeping in mind the needs and wants of each partner. But what happens if there is an unhealthy...
Jun 29
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Myths About Bipolar Disorder
Although TV and film are doing a better job of depicting mental health disorders like bipolar disorder – “Shameless,” “Homeland” and “Modern Love” – there...
Jun 22
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How to Spot an Addiction in Someone You Know
We all know someone who might have had one too many drinks the night before, and someone who has experimented with drugs at some point in their lives....
Jun 15
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How to Reduce the Long-term Effects of Childhood Trauma
A bitter divorce, the sudden death of a loved one, a natural disaster or pandemic. Unfortunately, there are many traumatic events and situations that will...
Jun 13
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Do I Have Body Dysmorphia?
We all have insecurities about ourselves. Whether it’s wishing we were thinner or had a smaller nose, there is always something we feel like we could tweak...
Jun 09