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Dopamine Detox: Answers to 6 Key Questions About This Trend
Sometimes, it can seem like your days are filled with nonstop stimulation. From reaching for that satisfying crunch of a potato chip to squeezing in a...
September 13
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12 Options for Recovery if a 12-Step Program Isn’t the Right Fit for You
For a lot of people, 12-step programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA), are lifesaving. They support people throughout their...
September 08
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How to Help Your Child Learn Healthy Ways to Tolerate Frustration
Whether your 6-year-old is struggling to tie their shoes, your 10-year-old is trying to shoot a free throw or your teenager is learning to drive, frustration...
September 01
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Nailing Down the Habit: Effects of Nail Biting and How to Quit
Do you nibble away at your nails when you get stressed or bored? Do you hide your hands around others, embarrassed by the condition of your nails? You’re...
August 25
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How to Tackle 8 Difficult Conversations with Your Aging Parents
There’s a certain dynamic with just about all parent-child relationships. After all, your parents raised you. They probably taught you everything from...
August 18
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9 Signs Your Child Might Be Starved for Your Attention
Maybe your 4-year-old started wetting the bed. Perhaps your 8-year-old is clingy, whiny and won’t stop interrupting. Or your teenager took your car without...
August 13
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Your Mental Health is an Integral Part of the Bariatric Journey
Weight loss surgery, or bariatric surgery, is a transformative experience that goes beyond physical changes.  While the surgical process plays a significant...
August 09
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Is Your Loved One’s Health Problem Dementia or Something Else?
Just about everybody has a favorite Bruce Willis movie, whether it’s a blockbuster like “Die Hard” or “Pulp Fiction” or a cult classic like “Hudson Hawk.”...
August 04
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Why Loving Yourself Isn’t Selfish and How to Fit It into Your Life
Loving and supportive relationships are crucial to your well-being. But to truly love someone else, you need to be able to love yourself. That’s what allows...
July 27
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How Men Handle Grief Differently Compared to Women
No two people will grieve in the same way. Even people facing a similar experience—like siblings grieving the loss of their parent—will process their emotions...
July 19