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Will Medication Help My Menopause Symptoms?
Menopause: It’s a rite of passage for all women. But, ask any woman who is going through it— or has gone through it—and she can likely tell you a list...
May 28
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Resisting the Urge to Stress Eat During COVID-19
As the world continues to navigate a global pandemic, it’s normal to feel stressed during these trying times. From health concerns to financial hardships...
May 26
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5 Things You Need to Know About Tourette Syndrome
Perhaps one of the most misunderstood neurological disorders is Tourette Syndrome, a condition that causes people to have “tics,” which are “involuntary,...
May 24
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Boredom: It’s Not a Bad Thing for Kids and Adults
If you have children, raise your hand if you’ve heard in the last hour, day or year, “I’m bored!” Let’s be honest, you’ve probably contemplated your own...
May 22
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Are My Antidepressants Making Me Gain Weight?
For millions of Americans suffering from certain types of mood disorders, such as depression, antidepressant medications can be helpful—even lifesaving....
May 14
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Could My Anxious Child Benefit from Antidepressants?
During childhood and adolescence, it’s not uncommon for children to have fears, worries, and anxious thoughts. Whether it’s being afraid of the dark, worries...
May 12
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Beyond Hot Flashes: How Menopause Affects Your Body
Hot flashes and menopause go together like Mickey and Minnie, but menopause can also affect your body in a variety of other ways. If you’re perimenopausal...
May 07
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Is a Pandemic the Right Time to be Overproductive?
Great! Another friend on social media is posting about her new-found passion for baking homemade bread while another is building a table from reclaimed...
May 06
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Preventing Child Abuse: What You Need to Know
It’s said that being a parent is the hardest job in the world. Each new stage your child goes through brings new situations and challenges, and it’s important...
Apr 29
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Caring for Your Brain During Stressful Times
“What was I going to say?…I’m not getting anything done…I keep forgetting what I was going to do…I keep losing my temper.” Sound familiar? You are not...
Apr 15