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How to Seek Help When You Notice Symptoms of Depression
It can be challenging to spot symptoms of depression in yourself or a loved one, and to know what to do if you see signs of the condition. “It’s common...
Oct 04 4
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Can I Take Antidepressants for Depression During Pregnancy?
In addition to cognitive behavioral therapy, also known as psychotherapy, taking an antidepressant can help improve your life and day-to-day functioning...
Sep 29
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What Is Love Bombing and How to Recognize the Signs
You’ve started a new relationship. Finally, all those swipes and dating apps have paid off! This person you’ve met is incredible. I mean, really unbelievable....
Sep 23
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Grief Can Make You Prone to Physical Pain and Sickness. Here’s How to Cope
If you suffer a loss and you’re grieving, you’re probably not surprised that you feel emotional pain. You may be sad, lonely or angry. You may cry easily...
Sep 14
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Healthy Conflict: How to Recognize and Handle a Heated Conversation
One moment you’re having a seemingly healthy conversation with someone and the next you’re being pounced on like a gazelle in the Sahara. Your cheeks flush,...
Sep 05
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Would You Like to Be Less Pessimistic? Try These Smart Strategies
Do any of these thoughts ring true for you? It’s a beautiful, sunny summer day, so you point out to your friends that it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. Or...
Aug 28
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Ghosting Hurts and Technology Is Making It Worse. Here's How to Cope
Here’s how it might happen. You and a partner have been dating for a while, and you’re happy with how things are going. The last time you got together...
Aug 18
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Six Ways to Sneak Self-Care Into Your Busy Life
For many of us, life moves pretty fast these days. With a packed schedule every day – working long hours, taking care of children (even elderly parents),...
Aug 12
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The Relentless News Can Harm Your Health. Here's How to Take Control
A generation or so ago, your exposure to the news was most likely limited to reading a daily newspaper or watching the evening news on TV. For the rest...
Aug 05
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Am I Having a Panic Attack? Signs and How to Cope
It’s just a typical day at work. You’re typing away at your computer, when out of the blue your hands begin to tremble, your heart races and you begin...
Jul 26