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Pandemic Breaking Point: Working Moms Are Not Okay
Being a working parent is hard, but especially for moms. There’s a lot of pressure to do it all and do it perfectly. It can be exhausting and futile, which...
Feb 22
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10 Signs You’re in a Toxic Friendship and What to Do About It
A friend is someone you’re close to, who you can count on, laugh with, cry with and share memories with. Your BFF, your bestie or your pal. No matter the...
Feb 18
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Loneliness or Solitude? Why Embracing Alone Time is Good for the Soul
“Do not confuse solitude with loneliness. One builds and the other destroys.” -Anonymous If you live alone, you’ve probably gotten your share of unsolicited,...
Jan 31
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The Gut-Brain Axis: What You Need to Know
Mental health problems like anxiety and depression might seem like they stem entirely from the mind—they’re called “mental” health problems, after all....
Jan 30
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Awe-Spotting: 5 Ways Finding Awe Can Transform Your Life
When was the last time you felt in awe or wonder of something? Was it a trip abroad, the birth of your child or hiking a national forest? There’s something...
Jan 18
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You Don’t Have COVID-19, But Is the Pandemic Making You Sick?
2020 was a remarkably stressful year. For some, it’s even been described as a never-ending dumpster fire. A rapidly spreading virus, job losses, countless...
Jan 14
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“What Was I Saying Again?” Six Common Causes for Brain Fog
Darn it! Where did I park my car again? Wait, what was I saying? At some point or another, we’ve all had these thoughts. Whether you’re unsure where you...
Jan 12
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Impostor Syndrome: What Happens When You Feel Like a Fraud
Do you ever feel like your accomplishments aren’t anything special, even though you’re successful in your career? Do you ever doubt your abilities, even...
Jan 10
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Can My Postpartum Depression Come Back Again?
If you experienced postpartum depression with your first child and are considering having another baby, it’s only natural for you to be fearful or scared...
Jan 08
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How to Strengthen Your Empathy Muscle and Why It’s Important
You might think empathy is a personality trait—there are people who seem to be empathetic by design. And sure, empathy comes more naturally to some of...
Dec 30