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Coping After a Burn: 11 Ways to Heal Emotionally
If you’ve had a serious burn, you know how difficult it can be to cope with the pain and to heal. Burns don’t just have a physical impact. They can affect...
April 15
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Aphantasia: Understanding the Mind’s Blind Spots
Close your eyes and try to picture your favorite food, animal or even a loved one’s face. Can you see it in your mind, clear and crisp as day? Or is your...
April 11
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Fixed vs. Growth: How a Growth Mindset Can Change Your Life
Have you ever felt like you’re stuck in a rut, unable to move forward or make progress in certain areas of your life? Maybe you’ve thought “I’m just not...
April 09
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Breaking Barriers: Why Mental Health for Everyone Matters
In our journey through life, our mental well-being is as important as our physical health. Just as we care for our bodies by eating well and exercising,...
April 01
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Navigating Intimacy: A Guide for Couples During and After Cancer Treatment
If you’re diagnosed with cancer, you face one of life’s most challenging situations. As you’re dealing with treatment or its after effects and the emotional...
March 22
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The Role of a Sponsor and Steps to Finding the Right One
Recovering from addiction is a journey filled with ups and downs, but it’s a journey worth taking. You may sometimes feel lost, overwhelmed and unsure...
March 17
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Tips to Promote Mental Well-Being for People Living with Parkinson’s Disease
When you think about Parkinson’s disease (PD), it’s natural to focus on the physical challenges. After all, PD is a neurological movement disorder with...
March 16
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8 Ways to Help Your Teen With Social Anxiety Face the World
Being a teenager comes with its fair share of changes and challenges. One that may go unnoticed is social anxiety disorder (SAD) or social phobia. While...
February 28
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Navigating Healing: A Guide to Reparenting in Therapy
As a child, you may not have received the care, support and understanding you needed from your parents. You may have faced challenges that left lasting...
February 16
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The Unexpected Ways Being in Love Can Be Good for Your Health
You probably know it feels good to have strong, healthy relationships with a partner and other loved ones. Love can be a powerful force in our lives. But...
February 11