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How to Grieve Someone Who Was a Negative Part of Your Life
Grief is practically inevitable. If you haven’t been impacted by the loss of someone meaningful in your life, it’s likely you will be at some point. And...
Jan 27
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Microaggressions: Seemingly Small Words and Actions That Can Be Insulting
Anytime your words or actions communicate something about someone’s race, status, appearance or any aspect that implies they are “different,” you could...
Jan 20
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How to Tell if Your Health-Related Anxiety Is Reasonable or Excessive
If you have health problems, it’s reasonable, common and normal to be concerned. “People want to live and function healthily, and threats to your existence...
Jan 12
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How to Stop Worrying About Things You Can’t Control
Whether it’s global unrest, the health of your parents or the chance your flight will get delayed or canceled, there are probably times when you spend...
Jan 05
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5 Important Reasons to Try Dry January
For millions of Americans, January is a time for a clean slate – a fresh start – to create intentional changes or resolutions in our lives.  After a spike...
Dec 23
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How to Tell if Your Attempts to Be Helpful Seem Patronizing
You’re talking to someone, and you mean to be helpful. But you sense—or they tell you—that you’re being patronizing. How can you tell the difference? And...
Dec 22
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Is It Time to Seek Couples Counseling?
Couples in some books, TV shows and movies make love look so easy. A couple meets, they fall in love and we assume they live happily ever after.  These...
Dec 09
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You Think You’re Venting, but You Might Be Trauma Dumping
Maybe when you’re talking to a new colleague, you overshare details about a fight with your partner. Perhaps a friend mentions a health struggle, and you...
Dec 01
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How Family-Based Therapy Can Help Treat Eating Disorders
Eating disorders can be one of the most challenging and heartbreaking mental health problems to treat. These conditions typically start between age 12...
Nov 25
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How to Deal with a Grown-Up Mean Girl
She’s the judgy mom in your parent group, the coworker excluding you from meetings, and the late-night name-caller trolling you on social media. Some call...
Nov 15