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The Basics of Blood Sugar
Chances are you know someone who has to keep a close eye on their blood glucose (BG) levels, because they have diabetes. But do you know why monitoring...
May 20
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Cooking with Oils: What You Need to Know
Whether making salad dressings and marinades or baking and frying, you’re bound to need oil for your recipe. But with more than 20 options available these...
May 18
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Managing Type 2 Diabetes During The Holidays
People with type 2 diabetes are used to monitoring everything they eat and drink. But doing so during the end-of-year holidays can be especially challenging....
Nov 17
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What’s Peripheral Neuropathy?
You’ve picked up your workout routine and are feeling great. Suddenly, you start noticing your feet are more tired and even numb at times. You buy better...
Nov 06
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You've Been Told You're Pre-Diabetic. Now What?
Being diagnosed as pre-diabetic can be a confusing time. After leaving the doctor’s office, you may even ask yourself questions like “does this mean I...
Oct 27 1
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Gestational Diabetes: What You Need To Know
The word “diabetes” can be scary to hear, especially when you’re pregnant. Luckily, thanks to diagnosis and modern treatments, diabetics can live a healthy...
Aug 08
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Going To School After A Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis
Sending your child off on his or her first day of school can be daunting for any parent—but it may be particularly difficult if your child has recently...
Jul 27
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Understanding Pediatric Diabetes
You know about diabetes affects on your body, and you hopefully have read about pediatric diabetes, too. Whether you call it juvenile diabetes, childhood...
Nov 28
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Surprising Ways Diabetes Damages Your Health
Most people know how bad diabetes can be for them. However, many may not know all of the ways the devastating disease can affect their bodies. Our infographic...
Nov 16 5
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Pediatric Diabetes: What Parents Need To Know
Ask any parent what having a kid with the flu is like, and you’ll probably hear a simple answer: Awful. Now, imagine how a parent with a child who has...
Nov 15