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I Have a High-Risk Pregnancy, Now What?
Learning you’re expecting a baby is an exciting and joyous time. If you’ve been diagnosed with a high-risk pregnancy, however, those emotions can quickly...
Jun 23
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PMS or Pregnant? How You Can Tell the Difference
Tender breasts? Mood swings? Exhaustion? “Wait, am I getting my period, or am I pregnant?” One of the most common signs of an early pregnancy is a missed...
Jun 16
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I Have an Abnormal Pap Test—Now What?
A Pap test is an important preventative screening test for cervical cancer that’s performed on most 21 to 65-year-old women every few years. It’s fast...
May 17
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Why You Might Miss a Period (Besides the Obvious Reasons)
Let’s get the obvious reasons out of the way—the most common reasons you might miss a menstrual period are pregnancy and menopause. But there are other...
May 16
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Treating Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) During and After Pregnancy
What’s that? Another daunting symptom of pregnancy? Whether it’s nausea, back pain, or “mommy brain“, there’s more than a few conditions for pregnant women...
May 01
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Can My Partner and I Get Pregnant? Reversing a Vasectomy or Tubal Ligation
When you had your vasectomy or tubal ligation, you may have thought your family was complete or that you never wanted children. But then life happened....
Mar 16
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Birth Control: Is an IUD a Smart Choice for You?
Many couples find that as they decide whether they want to have children and they plan the size of their families, they need to reevaluate their birth...
Jan 19
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Choosing the Right Products & Treatments to Overcome Incontinence
What did you have planned for retirement? Travel? Relaxation? New sports or hobbies? Incontinence can get in the way of all of that. And for older adults,...
Jan 09
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Stop … Kegel Time! Strengthening Your Pelvic Floor
You can do them on your drive to work, cooking dinner, watching TV—just about anywhere. We’re talking about Kegel exercises. Besides planks and push-ups,...
Sep 18
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Should I Get My Tubes Tied? 7 Things You Should Know
When it comes to birth control these days, women have a lot of options. If you’re done having children or have made the decision you don’t want them at...
Jul 28