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A to Z of Hysterectomies, From Planning to Recovery
Are you considering a hysterectomy? It’s a decision you certainly don’t take lightly so you likely have many questions, like: Will you lose your ovaries...
Dec 05
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Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Yeast Infections
Unless you’ve had to deal with an uncomfortable and itchy infection down there, you probably haven’t given the word “yeast” much thought. Yeast is used...
Nov 21
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Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, a Severe Form of PMS
It’s that time of the month. That time just before your period, or menstrual cycle, where you feel more bloated, tired and moody. Yet lately, you’ve noticed...
Oct 14
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Is My At-Home Pregnancy Test Accurate?
If you’re trying to have a baby or have missed your period, you may have considered running out to grab a pregnancy test to confirm.  Home pregnancy tests...
Sep 12
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You Don't Have to Suffer with Vaginal Dryness. Here's What Can Help
For many women, vaginal dryness is an uncomfortable or painful part of their lives. If you’re one of them, you might notice symptoms such as pain or irritation...
Aug 21
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Here’s What You Should Know About Ovarian Cysts
You may have heard about ovarian cysts from a friend or maybe you’ve even had them yourself. But do you know what causes them, possible treatment options...
Jul 31
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How Much Spotting or Bleeding Is Normal During Pregnancy?
Whether you’re early on in your pregnancy or about to pop, vaginal bleeding of any kind can be very scary and worrisome. Is this normal spotting or should...
Jul 01
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What Is the Difference Between a Cyst and a Tumor
It’s natural to get some lumps here and there from time to time, such as a pimple or an injury from a bump or fall. Our bodies are wonderfully lumpy and...
Jun 27
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What Is Pelvic Organ Prolapse and What You Can Do About It
Do you feel pressure down below when you jog, run or do jumping jacks? Do you even cross your legs when you sneeze or cough for fear you’ll tinkle a little? This...
Jun 24 1
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Sex and Intimacy After Baby: Four Things to Know
Intimacy in relationships is important. But if you just had a baby, intimacy, especially sex, may be the furthest from your mind. Right now, all your attention...
Jun 13