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Top Strategies for Coping with Those Frustrating Hot Flashes
If you’re approaching menopause, odds are good that you’ve experienced hot flashes or night sweats. “About 75 to 80% of women experience hot flashes during...
Jan 13 3
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Pelvic Adhesive Disease Could Be Causing Your Infertility
If you’re trying to get pregnant and you’re not having success, pelvic adhesive disease could be contributing to your infertility. With pelvic adhesive...
Dec 10
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Is It Just Stress or Are My Hormones Out of Whack?
Lately you’ve felt exhausted, irritable and not in the mood for romance. You just feel “off.” While you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, do you...
Dec 03
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How to Recognize and Treat an Ectopic Pregnancy
In the early stages of pregnancy, a fertilized egg implants itself in the protective lining of the uterus and begins the growth process until birth. However,...
Oct 19
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8 Possible Causes for Chronic Pelvic Pain in Women
As a woman, you may from time to time or month to month experience some pain in your pelvic area—that area below your belly button and above your legs....
Oct 12
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Is It Safe to Take Antibiotics While I’m Pregnant?
When you’re pregnant, there’s usually a laundry list of to-dos and not-to-dos for the nine months you’re growing a baby or babies. On the list of no-nos...
Oct 09
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The 10 Foods to Eat and to Avoid When You Have Endometriosis
Chances are you or someone you know has endometriosis, an often-painful, chronic condition that can negatively infiltrate every aspect of day-to-day life—heavy...
Oct 05
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I Have a High-Risk Pregnancy, Now What?
Learning you’re expecting a baby is an exciting and joyous time. If you’ve been diagnosed with a high-risk pregnancy, however, those emotions can quickly...
Jun 23
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PMS or Pregnant? How You Can Tell the Difference
Tender breasts? Mood swings? Exhaustion? “Wait, am I getting my period, or am I pregnant?” One of the most common signs of an early pregnancy is a missed...
Jun 16
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I Have an Abnormal Pap Test—Now What?
A Pap test is an important preventative screening test for cervical cancer that’s performed on most 21 to 65-year-old women every few years. It’s fast...
May 17