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40 Helpful Gifts for Someone During Cancer Treatment
Gifts are a meaningful way to let the special people in your life know you care. It’s natural to want to present someone with the “perfect gift.” However,...
Nov 22
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10 Tips to Have a Safe Thanksgiving Meal
Many Americans will gather for Thanksgiving this year to reconnect, express gratitude and gobble up delicious turkey and treats. While Thanksgiving may...
Nov 18
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Your Acid Reflux Can Flare over the Holidays. Here’s How to Cope
You might find that, for most of the year, it’s easy to control your acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). But when the holiday season rolls...
Dec 20
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Look for These Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease During the Holidays
As we all spend more time together during the holiday season, you may notice your parent or loved one acting differently. The idea that your parent could...
Dec 19
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How to Navigate the Holidays When You’re in Recovery
If you’re in recovery, the holiday season can throw a lot of challenges your way. From interactions with your family to social celebrations to a change...
Dec 17
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Keep Your Family Safe When Away from Home
It’s time to pack your bags! You’re headed out on family vacay. Maybe you’ve made plans to drive to grandma’s house or maybe you’re flying to a new destination. Pre-children,...
Dec 16
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7 Tips to Make Holiday Celebrations Special for a Loved One with Memory Loss
The holidays are a time of togetherness, cheer, generosity, kindness and just a little dash of chaos. Amid the merry celebrations, stress can often creep...
Dec 15 3
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How to Handle (Non-Death) Grief During the Holidays
It’s supposed to be the “most wonderful time of the year.” Festive lights and trees are everywhere you look, and cheerful music resounds everywhere you...
Dec 14
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These Expert Strategies Make It Easy to Travel With Your Medication
If you routinely take medication, it can feel daunting to travel, especially by plane. But don’t let the hassles of managing your medication while you...
Dec 14 2
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How to Fix the Holiday Sugar Rush with These Healthy Tips
Usually, around the end of October, the sugary treats make their monstrous appearance. It marks the beginning of the holiday season—the time of year where...
Dec 13