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Kidney Infections & Why You Shouldn’t Wait for Treatment
If you’ve ever had a urinary tract infection (UTI), it can be quite uncomfortable. While some UTIs can get better on their own, most of the time they don’t....
Dec 02
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The Basics of Kidney Cancer
It seems that skin, prostate, breast, and lung cancer are all at the forefront of everyone’s minds because they are the most common types of cancer. But,...
May 05
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Top Questions Asked By Living Kidney Donors
While there are countless ways to make a difference in the lives of others, few are as profound as the choice to be a living kidney donor. Those who selflessly...
Apr 13
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Kidney Stone Treatments: Your Options
Many people suffer from kidney stones, but they may not know what kidney stone treatments they have available to them. Benjamin Lee, MD is the Chief of...
Sep 21 1
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What You Need To Know About Kidney Health
It started as a pain in my lower back and side. I thought I had pulled a muscle lifting one of my kids. The pain continued through the weekend and by Monday...
Jun 29
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Kidney Stones: How To Avoid These Not-So-Precious Gems
Here’s a statistic from the National Kidney Foundation you may not know: more than half-a-million Americans visit the Emergency room each year due to problems...
Oct 07