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Can Eating Fewer Calories Slow Down the Aging Process?
Have you ever wished for the fountain of youth? The quest to slow down aging has been a human obsession for centuries. From skincare products to diets,...
July 18
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What Is Diet Culture and How to Rise Above It
Diet culture is everywhere. It’s on our social media feeds, in the ads we see and even in the advice we get from friends and family. Fad diets, quick fixes,...
July 16
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Don’t Fall for These 7 Healthy Cooking Myths
There are nutrition “facts” you’ve probably heard so often you think they must be true, such as fat is bad for you. So is salt. Veggies are healthiest...
July 03
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Tips for Healthy Eating When Your Stress Levels Are Spiking
You’ve probably felt this way: You try to make nutritious food choices most of the time. But then your job gets overwhelming, or you have an argument with...
June 20
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Vitamin D: Are You Getting Enough of This Sunshine Vitamin?
The sun is more than a glowing ball in the sky. Sure, it helps sustain life and regulate climate and seasons, but it also helps our bodies make vitamin...
June 09
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Adaptogens: What Are They and Should You Be Taking Them?
Life can feel like a pressure cooker, especially when you’re juggling work deadlines, school assignments or just everyday challenges that come your way....
May 31
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Nitrates and Nitrites in Foods: Should You Step Away From the Bacon?
If you follow nutrition headlines at all, you may get mixed messages about nitrates and nitrites. Some seem to have health benefits — in fact, you can...
May 27
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Should You Be Taking Digestive Supplements for Your Gut Health?
It seems like you see digestive supplements everywhere you turn. Prebiotics, probiotics and fiber supplements line the shelves of grocery stores and pharmacies....
May 19
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What’s the Link Between Caffeine and Headaches?
Figuring out the connection between caffeine and headaches can be tricky. You might notice that you end up with a headache when you overdo it on Starbucks...
May 16
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Sharing More than a Meal Together: Making the Most of Family Dinners
Family dinners on TV shows or in movies might not have much in common with how things go at your home. Those fictional meals tend to show happy families...
May 13