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Kava & Psychedelic Beverages: Are They Safe?
“Cracking open a cold one” means something different to just about everyone. Whether it’s a local IPA, a hand-mixed cocktail, or a diet cola, the goal...
Sep 19
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Cutting Carbs? Why Carbohydrates Aren’t Your Enemy
Carbs don’t get any respect. Thanks to a culture obsessed with weight loss and the rise of low-carb diets like ketogenic, Atkins and Whole30, the very...
Sep 18
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Organic. Grass-Fed. Non-GMO. What Do Claims on Food Labels Really Tell You?
When you’re shopping for food, there’s a lot to consider. You may be looking for healthy options, not just for yourself and your family but for animals...
Sep 15
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Conquering Cholesterol: Tips for a Heart-Healthy Diet
You may have a lot of goals when you eat. You may tailor your diet to lose or gain weight, put on muscle, fuel up for a workout, avoid an allergy, limit...
Sep 11
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How You Can Benefit From an Athletic Trainer
After a gold medal performance, the first person the athlete hugs is usually their coach or trainer. It takes more than undying will and physical gifts...
Sep 09
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Here’s Everything to Know About the Mediterranean Diet
The Mediterranean is not only a beautiful place to visit, but the diet named after it is also lauded as one of the best overall diets in the world. Read...
Sep 01
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How to Keep Dangerous Foodborne Germs Away From Your Potluck Meals
A lot of people have strong feelings about potluck meals. You might be in the “love ’em” camp, where you look forward to trying lots of different foods...
Aug 31
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Vegan and Vegetarian: What to Know About Plant-Based Diets
There are many reasons people choose to cut out dairy and/or meat from their diets, including personal, religious, environmental or financial reasons. Vegetarianism,...
Aug 29
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Gluten-Free Diet: Is It Time to Part Ways With Oats, Barley and Other Grains?
If you look closely, there are many products that line grocery shelves nowadays that have a GF symbol printed right on the packaging indicating they are...
Aug 26
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What Is the Ketogenic Diet? A Beginner’s Guide
The ketogenic diet, or keto diet, is all the rage these days. Everyone from Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox to ordinary people swear by the high-fat, low-carbohydrate...
Aug 23