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Nutrition: Why Women and Men Are Not Equal
There are good reasons that nutrition advice differs for women and men. Changes in our bodies and our life stages mean women and men have different nutritional...
Aug 04
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6 Health Risks You Face When You Ignore This Powerful Nutrient
Fiber can feel so old-fashioned. People commonly associate it with boring bran muffins, powder supplements mixed into juice and staying “regular.” But...
Jul 11
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Are You Overlooking This Important Aspect of Your Medical Care?
When you’re recovering from an illness, surgery or injury there are lots of steps you can take to help yourself heal. You can take medication as directed,...
Jul 03
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A Dietitian’s Guide to Grocery Shopping
Grocery shopping. It may not be as exciting as shopping for shoes or clothes, but it’s one of those inescapable tasks we have to face on a regular basis...
Jun 15
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Healthy Snacks to Satisfy Your Sweet and Salty Cravings
We’ve all been there, staring into the fridge or pantry looking for something to fill that salty or sweet void in our souls. Well, maybe not our souls,...
Jun 10
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Intuitive Eating: Listening to What Your Body Wants You to Eat
Maybe you’re sick of yo-yo dieting. Maybe you have gastrointestinal issues. Maybe you have a history of disordered eating. Maybe you simply want to have...
Jun 05
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5 Tips and 5 Snacks for the Perfect Pre-Workout
We’re all working out for different reasons. Whether you’re burning calories, getting stronger, playing sports or just enjoying the grind, your body needs...
Jun 01
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Do Wellness Shots Boost Your Health or Waste Your Money?
You’ll spot them at checkout counters, in health food stores and online, of course. Wellness shots—those small bottles that contain nutrients designed...
May 20
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The Blood Type Diet: Does It Really Work?
Our blood can tell us a lot about our health—how well our organs are working, diagnosing diseases and conditions and finding out certain risk factors....
May 14
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Can the Right Foods Help You Beat Your Seasonal Allergies?
It happens every year—as the seasons shift from winter to spring, your allergy symptoms kick in—your nose runs, your eyes itch and your throat gets scratchy....
May 10