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Can the Right Foods Help You Beat Your Seasonal Allergies?
It happens every year—as the seasons shift from winter to spring, your allergy symptoms kick in—your nose runs, your eyes itch and your throat gets scratchy....
May 10
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The Surprising Connection Between Your Sleep and Snack Habits
Anytime you have a less-than-ideal night’s sleep, you probably notice some side effects. You’re fatigued, cranky and can’t concentrate. But you may not...
May 03
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Follow Your Gut! Free Yourself from Painful Gas
Nothing ruins a great time quite like painful gas. Whether you are dressed up at a social event or binging shows in your sweatpants, nobody wants to feel...
Apr 29
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6 Things You Should Know Before You Try a Raw Food Diet
You might be intrigued by the raw food diet. After all, people who support it believe that cooking food destroys nutrients, so by eating food raw, you’re...
Apr 28
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Are Your Stomach Symptoms a Sign of Celiac Disease?
You can’t seem to go more than a few days without dealing with diarrhea. And maybe you’re also facing abdominal pain, headaches, fatigue, nausea, and joint...
Apr 27
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Are You Getting Enough Iron in Your Diet?
Iron is an important mineral in your body, but chances are many of us aren’t getting enough. Iron is necessary for many important functions, from growth...
Apr 22
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Stomach Troubles? How an Elimination Diet Could Help
We all know eating the right things can help fuel our bodies—ensuring we’re working at our most optimal levels—but for some who are experiencing tummy...
Apr 18
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Food and Mood: Is Your Food (or Lack Thereof) Making You Hangry?
Feeling, blue, blah or just downright hangry? Your food (or a lack thereof) could be partly to blame. It’s been scientifically proven (and not just in...
Apr 13
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5 Reasons to Reorganize Your Pantry, Plus Tips to Get Started
Over the last few decades, but especially during COVID-19, many of us are shopping less and buying more in bulk to last us longer. “There’s definitely...
Apr 08
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How to Stop Gaining Weight as You Age
Are you finding it hard to maintain your weight as you get older? Rebecca Moran, MD, a family medicine physician at Banner Health Clinic in Phoenix, AZ,...
Apr 06