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Are Your Ferritin Levels Optimal? The Link Between This Nutrient and Your Health
You’ve probably heard a lot about iron and how important this mineral is to your health. Iron helps your body make red blood cells and transport oxygen....
March 19
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Alcohol and Your Liver: Understanding the Risks and Warning Signs
Maybe you have a couple of beers on the weekends with your friends. Or you like a glass of wine with dinner. Or maybe you’re a fan of craft cocktails,...
March 13
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These 8 Food Culprits Could Be Making Your GERD Symptoms Worse
If you have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), you know how uncomfortable the symptoms can be. That feeling of heartburn can keep you awake at night,...
March 12
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Making Healthier Choices: A Guide to Quitting Soda
Whether you reach for the caffeine-and-sugar hit of Mountain Dew midafternoon, enjoy the way a Coke pairs with a burger and fries or grew up drinking root...
March 11
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What Men Should Know About Nitric Oxide Supplements
Many men want to stay as healthy as they can, and they look for ways to keep their hearts strong, their energy levels high and their bodies performing...
March 08
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Top 7 Tips and Tricks to Reduce Salt in Your Diet
Let’s address the elephant in the room – salt. As Americans, we are lovin’ it. From French fries and potato chips to packaged foods, adults take in a whopping...
March 05
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Healthy Eating Tips That Can Save You Money at the Grocery Store
You’d like to make healthier food choices for yourself and your family, but the prices in the grocery store make you want to give up and grab a family...
February 27
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Nighttime Acid Reflux: Tips for a More Peaceful Sleep
It’s so frustrating. You crawl under the covers, tired and ready to sleep after a busy day. But soon after you get into bed, you feel the familiar symptoms of...
February 20
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Maca Magic: Everything to Know About Maca Root
Maca root traces its roots (literally!) back thousands of years ago, but it has just recently gained some attention on social media, especially in health...
February 18
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A Guide to Post-Sport Nutrition for Former Athletes
There comes a time in almost every competitive athlete’s life when they must step back from competition or retire altogether. Whether it’s an injury, aging,...
February 13