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Does Your Pain Mean It’s Time for a Knee Replacement?
If your knees ache and you’re not always able to do the things you want to do, you may wonder if it’s time for knee replacement surgery. It can be a great...
Nov 18
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Are Breast Implants Safe? Your Questions Answered
Breast augmentation with implants is the most popular and widely performed cosmetic surgery in the U.S. and around the world. Millions of people have had...
Oct 09
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What Is Laparoscopic Surgery?
You’ve been given the news you need laparoscopic surgery to repair an injury. You want to finally feel better, but the idea of “going under the knife”...
Oct 07
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Take These 4 Steps Before You Undergo Elective Surgery
When you are dealing with health problems, there are times when surgery is your only option. For example, your appendix might rupture and need to be removed,...
Sep 12
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Dislocated Shoulder? Why You Shouldn’t Pop It Back into Place
Pop! It’s the sound you hear just before someone makes a toast. It can be a startling noise if you’re holding a balloon. But if you hear “pop” and it’s...
Mar 11
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The Most Important Things to Know About Wisdom Teeth Removal
We do more than smile and chew with our teeth. From the first time they show up, just a few months into our lives, our teeth become a focal point of our...
Jan 19
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My Child Has an Inguinal Hernia, Should I Worry?
If you’ve noticed a bulge or protrusion in your baby’s groin area, it’s undoubtedly raised some red flags. Could it be a tumor or a cyst or could they...
Jan 04
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Living with Hidradenitis Suppurativa
Unless you know someone personally, you’ve probably never heard of a chronic inflammatory disease called hidradenitis suppurativa. While the name alone...
Jun 21
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Bedside Stories: Robot Cookies
When Janice Cmeyla sought help for difficulty breathing, she had no idea that would involve a “three-armed surgeon” – or that major breakthroughs in new...
Apr 26
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The Important Role Plastic Surgery Plays in Cancer Treatment & Recovery
When it comes to plastic surgery, we often think about breast implants and other cosmetic treatments. But did you know plastic surgery plays an integral...
Feb 09