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Edema: What’s Causing Your Swollen Feet (Cankles)
Edema, or swelling to parts of the body, is a common problem most everyone has experienced at some point in their lives. Whether you’ve eaten too many...
Feb 05
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Should I Get a Second Opinion?
Many people facing the prospect of surgery or diagnosed with a life-threating illness, such as cancer, feel a sense of urgency about jumping right in and...
Dec 13
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5 Things to Know About Your Electronic Health Record
From online scheduling to telehealth appointments, things look much different these days when it comes to managing your health. Now, with a click of a...
Dec 12
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News Flash: Well Visits Are Just as Important for Adults
Taking your kids to see the pediatrician was a no-questions-asked requirement. They complained about the cold stethoscope and the shots were never fun....
Sep 14
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What to Expect at Your Child’s Well-Check
Is your child celebrating another trip around the sun? Congratulations! As you put the finishing touches on their cake and cross last-minute things off...
Jul 10
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Are Those Whiteheads Actually Milia?
Have you recently noticed a cluster of white bumps taking refuge on your face? Whatever you do, don’t squeeze them. Those pesky little bumps aren’t whiteheads,...
Jul 03
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How to Spot an Addiction in Someone You Know
We all know someone who might have had one too many drinks the night before, and someone who has experimented with drugs at some point in their lives....
Jun 15
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Will Acupuncture Treat My Chronic Pain?
Acupuncture has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years but has only gained steam in western countries like the United States...
Jun 08
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Hip Dysplasia: Are You at Risk?
Could you have hip dysplasia and not even know it? “Hip dysplasia is often diagnosed at infancy, but it’s possible for you to reach skeletal maturity without...
Jun 07
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Could I Be Anemic?
Feeling tired and exhausted even after a good night’s rest? Anemia could be the reason. Anemia is one of the most common blood conditions in the United...
Jun 06