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7 Common Shoe Mistakes That Could Be Crushing Your Feet
From your $2 flip-flops to your $150 stilettos or running shoes, not all shoes are created equal—no matter the price or brand name. If you’ve ever peeled...
Sep 28
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Why is Comprehensive Care So Important?
“It takes a village…” This phrase is true in many aspects of our lives. Perhaps there is no aspect more relevant than our health. Today’s medical landscape...
Aug 22
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Do Your Feet Under or Overpronate? Here’s How to Tell
Our feet are amazing appendages. Whenever we walk or run, 52 bones in our feet (that’s 25% of all the bones in our bodies!) are put to work—performing...
Jul 02
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Makeup Myths We Should Stop Believing
Raise your hand if it’s been a little over a year since you’ve really worn makeup. With the pandemic, many of us didn’t have to worry about dabbing on...
Jun 03
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​​6 Tech Products to Improve Your Well-Being and Wellness
Over the last year, we’ve spent a lot of time at home. While this has helped slow the spread of COVID-19, it’s left some disconnected, unmotivated, more...
Apr 24
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9 Possible Causes for Stomach Pain and How to Treat Them
You may have heard the sayings, “Trust your gut” or “Listen to your gut instinct,” and there’s a reason for them. Our stomachs are our second brains. When...
Mar 29
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How to Prevent (and Treat!) Ingrown Toenails
One of the more common foot complaints podiatrists see is ingrown toenails. They can be painful and definitely can knock the pep in your step, limiting...
Mar 15
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Edema: What’s Causing Your Swollen Feet (Cankles)
Edema, or swelling to parts of the body, is a common problem most everyone has experienced at some point in their lives. Whether you’ve eaten too many...
Feb 05
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Should I Get a Second Opinion?
Many people facing the prospect of surgery or diagnosed with a life-threating illness, such as cancer, feel a sense of urgency about jumping right in and...
Dec 13
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5 Things to Know About Your Electronic Health Record
From online scheduling to telehealth appointments, things look much different these days when it comes to managing your health. Now, with a click of a...
Dec 12