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Make The Most Of Your New Wearable
With the push of a button, today’s wearable devices provide us with more information about our bodies than ever before. This technology can help you make...
Dec 18
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Do I Really Need an Antibiotic?
If you are a battling a cold and a sore throat, chances are you want relief ASAP. Nothing seems to help, and you are running out of patience—not to mention,...
Dec 17
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The Importance Of Newborn Screenings
Welcome to the world, baby! As a parent, you’ve counted ten fingers, ten toes and changed their first diaper. All seems to be going well until your nurse...
Sep 17
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You’re Having A Baby: Picking A Pediatrician
Pregnancy is a period of anticipation, change and excitement. Learn how you can ease your pre-baby nerves by choosing a pediatrician before the big day...
Aug 13 3
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New HIV Treatments Could Make Life Easier For Patients
People currently treated for HIV typically take three to four medicines every day, but that could change with new HIV treatment options. “There is some...
Nov 30
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What To Know When Choosing The Right Doctor For You
A lot of factors come into play when finding a new primary care doctor: Are they located nearby? Will they listen to me? Can I get an appointment in a...
Sep 20 23
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What Is Strep Throat?
The start of cold and flu season fills many parents with dread, but sometimes those viruses and infections move beyond the average ailments. A throat swab...
Feb 23 1
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Ask The Expert: Is It The Cold Or The Flu?
Question: How do I know if I have a cold or the flu? Featuring Frank Benes, MD Answer: The symptoms of a cold and the flu are often very similar and initially...
Feb 03