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Listeria (Listeriosis): A Foodborne Bacteria That Could Make You Sick
Before you toss together a pre-rinsed bagged salad, you may want to give it another wash for good measure. Why? The spinach and lettuce inside could have...
May 17
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More Young Children Are Accidentally Ingesting Marijuana. Here’s What to Know
As more states legalize medical and recreational marijuana, children are more likely to be unintentionally exposed to it. Studies in Colorado and Massachusetts...
May 14
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The Best Ways to Defend Against Dangerous Snakes and Scorpions
If you live in or around the desert, you’ll want to take steps to keep snakes and scorpions out of your home and yard. Snakes and scorpions are more active...
Apr 20
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Aging in Place: How to Get Your House Ready
Your parent or loved one may feel comfortable and settled in a home they’ve lived in for years. After all, they know the neighborhood and the community,...
Mar 21
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How to Tell Whether a Bump on the Head Is Serious
Bob Saget’s tragic death drives home the danger of brain injuries. After a bump or blow to the head, it’s essential to know what to do and what to watch...
Mar 04
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Guide to Picking the Best Shower Chair for Older Adults
Many people take a bath or shower everyday with no issue. But for older adults, it can be one of the most dangerous places in the home. According to the...
Feb 01
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3 Tips to Prevent Dementia-Related Wandering
When you’re the primary caregiver for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, that person’s wandering can be one of the most difficult things to...
Jan 30
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Alcohol Use Disorder in Older Adults: Spot the Warning Signs
“Dad has always enjoyed a drink after work. Now that he’s retired, he’s got a lot more time on his hands.” Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for advancing...
Dec 23
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Keep Your Family Safe When Away from Home
It’s time to pack your bags! You’re headed out on family vacay. Maybe you’ve made plans to drive to grandma’s house or maybe you’re flying to a new destination. Pre-children,...
Dec 16
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Tips to Stay Safe on the Road as You Get Older
As you get older, the skills you need to maneuver a car safely can start to deteriorate and make it more dangerous for you to drive. But you probably rely...
Dec 12