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Are Earbuds Putting Your Hearing at Risk?
It’s a little ironic. Have you ever turned up the volume in your headphones to cut out the noise around you? If you look around, you’ll see people of all...
Oct 15
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Chill Out! A Guide to Freezing (and Defrosting) Food
Did you go a little nuts in the early days of COVID-19, and now you’re staring down meat, veggies and dairy in your freezer that are months old? Don’t...
Oct 02
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7 Ways to Have a Happy (and Safe) Halloween During COVID-19
So many of us have been anticipating October. Right about this time, there begins to be a bit of a nip in the air. The leaves begin to fall. And we dust...
Oct 01
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How to Support and Empower Your LGBTQ+ Teen
The teenage years are difficult, especially if your teen has come out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning (LGBTQ+). In many ways...
Sep 15
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Is My Child Ready to Start Shaving?
It seems like yesterday you were playing “pretend shave” with your little one—with them getting shaving cream everywhere other than their face. Now they’re...
Sep 03
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At-Home Poisons in the Age of the Coronavirus
The Great Hand Sanitizer and Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020 – our great grandkids are sure to read about it in their history books. COVID-19 has turned...
Aug 30
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Fire Up the Grill, But Don’t Forget These Safety Tips
When the weather heats up, so do our grills. Backyard BBQs are a dietary staple in the summertime, but they can be dangerous too if you aren’t careful. Each...
Aug 27
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Is Your Daughter Ready for a Training Bra?
Over the years, you’ve done the sleep training and the potty training, but suddenly another training day is upon you. No, it’s not baseball season. It’s...
Aug 23
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How to Recognize and Treat Allergic Reactions
Sneezing, watery eyes and itchy skin. While some symptoms of allergies are mildly annoying, others can be extremely uncomfortable and even life-threatening....
Aug 19
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How to Treat a Chemical Burn
Chemical burns are one of the most common burn hazards in the workplace, but they can also happen at any place, at any time. You might not realize how...
Aug 17