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Lead Poisoning: Protect Your Family from This Avoidable Risk
When you think of lead poisoning, older homes with peeling paint may come to mind. You might think that if you live in a newer home or your paint is intact,...
September 06
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The True Dangers of Driving When You’re Sleepy
You know you’re tired. Whether you stayed up too late scrolling through your Instagram feed, worries about work kept you awake or you were lying in bed...
August 24
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Don’t Fall for These 9 Myths About Yucky Bed Bugs
You might think you’d only spot bed bugs in a sketchy motel or a run-down apartment building. But there’s a reason you see so many signs attached to telephone...
August 03
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When and Why You Need Someone to Drive You Home After Medical Procedures
When you’re scheduling outpatient surgery, a procedure such as a colonoscopy or a dental treatment that requires sedation, your health care team will probably...
July 16
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Are Baby Walkers Helpful or Dangerous?
Your baby’s first steps are a huge milestone. So, to help your baby along this path of independence, you may have considered an infant or baby walker.  Baby...
June 30
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How to Choose the Right Car Seat at Every Age
Whether you have a new baby on the way or one growing by leaps and bounds, it seems every day there’s a lot to think about and learn.  One of the most...
June 20
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8 Tips to Prevent Head and Brain Injuries in Adults and Children
A knock to the head seems par for the course when you play certain sports or recreational activities. Not all head injuries are serious, but some can be...
June 01
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Bee Sting Allergies and How to Deal with Them
Warm weather brings many of us outdoors, including bees, wasps, yellow jackets and other flying insects. They play an important role in our ecosystem,...
May 19
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Is the Herbal Product Kratom Safe or Harmful?
A tropical plant that is part of the coffee family is growing in popularity in the U.S. It is a stimulant with opioid-like effects, but don’t expect to...
May 12
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Moldy Foods: Are They OK to Eat or Should You Toss Them Out?
You just got a pint of strawberries, and it’s already got a fuzzy white patch of mold. Should you toss the few fuzzy berries and eat the rest or throw...
April 19