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Playing It Safe: The Importance of Sports Physicals for Children
Getting ready for a new sports season can be exciting for kids and parents alike. But before your child hits the field or court, it’s important to make...
June 07
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What to Do If Your Child Takes a Serious Tumble or Fall
If you’ve been around children long enough, you know one thing for sure: they fall …a lot! From learning to walk to enjoying sports, children of all ages...
May 10
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What Bit Me? Types and Treatment of Common Bug Bites
As you enjoy the great outdoors or cozy up in bed at night, encountering bugs is sometimes unavoidable.  You know how annoying these little creatures can...
February 01
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These Safety Tips May Help You Avoid Dangerous Scald Burns in Children
As a parent or caregiver, you want to keep children healthy and safe. But children are naturally curious — they learn about the world by exploring what...
October 09
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Does Your Child Need Medical Care or Can You Treat Them at Home?
As a parent, you can try to prepare for just about everything you think you’ll face with your child. But figuring out whether to treat your child at home...
January 27
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Is My Nose Broken? Here’s How to Tell
Our noses are arguably the most prominent feature on our faces, so it’s not surprising that broken noses, or nasal fractures, are the most common facial...
December 20
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Why It’s Important to Treat Toenail Traumas and Injuries
It’s late at night, you’re half-asleep fumbling in the dark, and bam! You slam your big toe into something hard. You think, “How can something so small...
May 03
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Got Something in Your Eye? Relief Is Only a Blink Away
Eyes are powerful — and powerfully sensitive. If you’ve ever gotten something stuck in your eye, then you know just how sensitive they can be. Even common...
September 27
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3 Essential Things You Need to Know About Frostbite This Winter
It’s winter, and that means risk of frostbite is climbing. You might think you’re not at risk, but you could get frostbite if you: Are out in the...
December 26
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Urgent Care, Emergency Room Or Doctor's Office?
Have you ever wondered what an urgent care can do for you? A good thing to remember is that urgent care can handle a vast majority of cases and are a...
November 19