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Urgent Care, Emergency Room Or Doctor's Office?

Have you ever wondered what an urgent care can do for you?

“A good thing to remember is that urgent care can handle a vast majority of cases and are a great step between the doctor’s office and the ER,” said Dr. Devin Minior, chief medical officer at Banner Urgent Care. This infographic comparison between urgent care clinics, your primary doctor’s office and the emergency room can help you decide where to go when you need medical help.

Keep this infographic handy for the next time you wonder when to go to urgent care? For your convenience, you can download a copy to pin on your wall!

For the care you need, find a Banner Health urgent care, primary care physician or emergency room near you, visit bannerhealth.com.  

PCP Urgent care ER Infographic 

Find a Banner Health urgent careprimary care physician or emergency room near you!

Content has been updated; original blog was posted on January 24, 2019.

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