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Banner Sun Health Research Institute

Founded in 1986, Banner Sun Health Research Institute has earned an international reputation for scientific achievements in research on neuro-degenerative illnesses including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and Lewy body dementias. And, our accomplishments are in large part due to the support of our community.

Programs & Services

Banner Sun Health Research Institute offers the following cutting-edge programs, outpatient clinical care services, support and research opportunities:

Cleo Roberts Memory and Movement Disorders Center

The Cleo Roberts Memory and Movement Disorders Center provides state-of-the art clinical care for Alzheimer’s disease, dementia-related diseases and movement disorders. Our clinical care includes comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, treatment and support services. We take an integrative approach, with expert clinicians in neurology and psychiatry, social workers and exercise physiologists working collaboratively to provide the best care.

Family & Community Services

The Family and Community Services team is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of those affected with memory and movement disorders, ensuring they can navigate the demands of everyday life. We work collaboratively with medical specialists, patients and caregivers to ensure those affected have access to a variety of enhanced education, resources and support services, including individual, family and group counseling programs. Our compassionate patient-focused approach is a vital part of maximizing the quality of life for people living with a chronic, progressive disease.

Banner Neuro Wellness

The Banner Neuro Wellness program complements current medical treatments and therapies for those affected by  Parkinson’s disease or other dementia conditions that exhibit both memory and movement disorder symptoms. Community-centric wellness classes, support groups, lectures, social activities and Parkinson’s disease-specific exercises are offered in a nurturing, caring environment designed to improve quality of life.

Brain Health Check-in

The Brain Health Check-in provides free memory and thinking screenings to detect concerns for potential early cognitive impairment. Participants receive relevant, personalized information and concern status regarding their memory and thinking, as well as recommendations for follow-up screenings and strategies to optimize brain health.

Center for Healthy Aging

Founded in 2006, the Center for Healthy Aging Longevity Study is the first research program of its kind in Arizona that explores the cognitive, social, medical, physical and psychological contributors to healthy aging. This study includes valuable information from older adults throughout Arizona who are aging well and have avoided memory and thinking diseases, complementing our research on people affected by memory and movement disorders. This non-invasive observational study is openly enrolling people 50 years of age and older.

Brain and Body Donation Program

The Brain and Body Donation Program is a study of the health and diseases of older adult volunteers. We closely monitor the ability to perform the functions of daily living in older persons and regularly obtain blood and imaging from them during life. We then study their brain and organ tissue after death. By studying their performance and data during life, combined  with findings from their donated tissue samples after death, we  are able to advance science and accelerate progress towards finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, and movement disorders

Clinical Trials

The clinical trials at our institute focus on healthy aging and the investigational therapies for slowing, treating and preventing Alzheimer’s and neurodegenerative brain diseases. We offer opportunities to participate in the most advanced, innovative therapies designed to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson's and Lewy body disease and to treat their associated symptoms. We also offer the chance for community members to participate in observational research registries, including the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry and the Michael J. Fox Foundation Parkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative.

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