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Banner Alzheimer’s Institute has introduced a new national standard of patient and family care that provides ongoing hope and help for patients and families living with Alzheimer’s disease related dementias. Our comprehensive approach combines exceptional services, groundbreaking research and innovative programs to address both the medical and non-medical needs of patients and family caregivers.

As the dedicated experts at Banner Alzheimer’s Institute forge new models of collaboration in biomedical research, we’re leading the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. Our mission is to end Alzheimer's without losing another generation.

Programs & Services

Banner Alzheimer’s Institute offers the following cutting-edge programs, outpatient clinical care services, support and research opportunities in both Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona.

Clinical Neuropsychology

Clinical neuropsychologists are licensed psychologists with expertise in how behavior and thinking skills are related to brain structures and systems. At BAI, our neuropsychologists evaluate brain function by testing memory and thinking skills to inform a hypothesis as to the cause of the changes to the patient’s memory and thinking. They then recommend strategies for maintaining brain health.

Additionally, our neuropsychology team offers cognitive training programs for patients who might benefit from individual or group sessions.

Family and Community Services

The Family and Community Services team works with medical specialists, patients and caregivers to ensure patients of memory and movement disorders and their families have access to a variety of enhanced education,  support, life engagement programs and community resources, including individual, family and group counseling programs. The team is dedicated to ensuring those affected can navigate the demands of everyday life. Our compassionate patient-focused approach is key to maximizing the quality of life for those living with a chronic, progressive disease.

Banner Neuro Wellness

The Banner Neuro Wellness program offers community-centric wellness classes, support groups, lectures, social activities and Parkinson’s disease-specific exercises in a nurturing, caring environment—all designed to improve quality of life. This program complements current medical treatments and therapies for those affected by neurological conditions, including movement disorders, other dementia-related diseases and Parkinson’s disease.

Clinical Trials

The clinical research at Banner Alzheimer’s Institute focuses on better ways to help detect, treat and prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Our clinical trials and studies include participants who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease as well as healthy participants who do not have memory loss. Our pivotal research helps to innovate new treatments and major breakthroughs to ending Alzheimer’s.

Banner Alzheimer’s Institute: Dementia ECHO

Banner Alzheimer’s Institute, in collaboration with Project ECHO® (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes), has launched a free continuing education program called Dementia ECHO to provide multidisciplinary health care professionals at all levels with the specialty knowledge and tools required to effectively manage patients and families living with memory disorders to improve care outcomes. 

The goal of this project is to assist providers in becoming regional experts in caring for these patients through a series of sessions focusing on sharing best practices, case-based learning, and mentorship. Front line providers are connected with specialists using real time collaborative video conferencing sessions for one-hour every 2 weeks over a 6-month period. Series are offered several times throughout the year. Learn more about our Dementia ECHO Program

Scientific Collaborations

Banner Alzheimer’s Institute is proud to partner with scientific, medical, academic and community partners to end Alzheimer’s disease. Our collaborations include:

Arizona Alzheimer’s Consortium

Banner Alzheimer’s Institute launched and now leads the Arizona Alzheimer’s Consortium, the nation’s foremost model of statewide collaboration in Alzheimer’s disease research.

ASU-Banner Neurodegenerative Research Collaborative

Arizona State University (ASU) and Banner Health have formed a research alliance to advance the scientific study, treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. This research partnership will include the launch of a new Arizona State University-Banner Neurodegenerative Disease Research Center on ASU’s Tempe campus.

Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative

Banner Alzheimer’s Institute oversees the Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative (API). This international collaborative’s goal is to launch a new era of Alzheimer’s prevention research by evaluating the most promising prevention treatments. The Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative includes scientists and physicians as well as industry and regulatory agency representatives from around the world.

Memory Care Centers of Excellence

Led by internationally renowned memory disorder and dementia specialists, our memory care centers of excellence at Banner Alzheimer’s Institute offer a variety of services for diagnosis and care for each patient’s individualized needs, including:

Banner Alzheimer’s Institute has two memory care centers of excellence in Phoenix and Tucson. We also offer telehealth visits.

Stead Family Memory Center

The Stead Family Memory Center at Banner Alzheimer’s Institute provides state-of-the-art care for those experiencing memory and thinking problems. The memory center’s unique care model is led by internationally-renowned memory care experts who provide patients and caregivers medical and non-medical support following a diagnosis, including access to the latest dementia-related research and clinical trials.

We are located at:
901 E. Willetta Street
Phoenix, AZ 85006
(602) 839-6900
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Toole Family Memory Center and J. Orin Edson Family Lewy Body Dementia Center

The specialists at the Toole Family Memory Center provide medical care for Alzheimer’s disease as well as for related dementias such as Lewy body dementia, vascular dementia and frontotemporal dementia. Our patient-focused approach includes individualized treatment plans and ongoing support from an experienced team of memory-loss specialists focused on addressing the physical, emotional, behavioral, educational and practical needs of patients and their caregivers. The best clinical experts and investigational and prevention strategies for Southern Arizona patients and families are all close to home.

The J. Orin Edson Family Lewy Body Dementia Center complements the care and support provided at the Toole Family Memory Center. The center is focused on dementia with Lewy bodies, Parkinson’s disease dementia and mild cognitive impairment due to Lewy body disease, providing the most comprehensive Lewy body dementia resource in the region.

We are located at:
2626 E. River Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85718
(520) 694-7021
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If you are interested in scheduling an appointment for yourself or a loved one, please call the Stead Family Memory Center at (602) 839-6900 or the Toole Family Memory Center at (520) 694-7021.